20 Best Cold Email Software & Outreach Automation Tools in 2024

Cold Email Software Outreach Automation Tools

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Businesses spend thousands of dollars on social media posting and email marketing to boost sales and keep current clients coming back. Cold emailing is still one of the greatest acquisition channels for both tech and retail businesses when it comes to gaining new clients, though.

A successful cold emailing campaign can boost growth and offer a fantastic return on investment.

What is cold email?

Sending cold emails is referred to as cold emailing. An email that you send to someone you have never met before is known as a cold email. The prospect of having heard from you through email is not even anticipated by the recipient. The majority of salesmen prefer it over cold calling since it is equivalent to that strategy but less intrusive.

We’ll outline a handful of the top choices in this post. There are several solutions that are best suited for various demands, despite the fact that most cold email software performs fundamentally identical tasks.

List of cold email software & outreach automation tools:


The Sales Execution Platform - Outreach

Your sales team’s work can be more productive because of the all-in-one platform known as Outreach. This cold email software is among the most helpful programmes for salespeople because it enables you to phone different areas and nations in addition to sending cold emails.

Additionally, they provide an SMS integration option that enables phone contact with potential clients. Furthermore, the cold email software gives you some extra prospect information so you can send more tailored emails. Although Outreach gives you a lot of features, their price is the highest.


Cold Email Outreach Software - SmartReach.io-min

SmartReach is the ideal choice if you’re an experienced user seeking a feature-rich solution for cold emailing. Thanks to the cold email software’s superior hyper-personalization and smart scheduling, which allows you to send emails in your prospect’s timezone, your emails would have a greater chance of receiving a response.

All well-known email clients are supported by SmartReach, including GSuite, Office365, Outlook, Mailgun, and SendGrid. It features a set of built-in capabilities, including list-cleaning (Email validation), Warm-Ups, and Spam Tests, and has a strong emphasis on email deliverability.

Due to its team-focused features, such as role-based permissions, team-level settings, an agency dashboard to see and manage numerous clients, etc. The cold email software is perfect for larger teams and agencies.

  • Regular Plan: $24 monthly per user
  • Ultimate plan: $59 per month per user


Salesloft_ The Leading Sales Engagement Platform-min

The cold email software helps B2B sales organizations manage their procedures when they have a large team of sales representatives. SalesLoft is a platform for sales interaction that can assist you in connecting with prospects and monitoring your activities to see what works.

You’ll have a comprehensive picture of your sales activity and key responsibilities in one location, ensuring that no prospect is ever kept waiting for an answer for an extended period of time.

As a result of SalesLoft’s integration with Sales Navigator and Salesforce, you can quickly analyze your CRM data and make sure that every email you send is appropriate and tailored. As you might anticipate, you can also make and store reusable templates and view specific stats for things like open rates, reply rates, and click-through rates.

The cold email software offers 4 plans, Prospect, sell, engage, and enterprise. For pricing visit their website.


Woodpecker_ Tools for Cold Email, Sales Automation & Agency-min

For B2B businesses that use customized automated emails to reach out to potential customers, Woodpecker is the finest solution. The cold email software was created specifically for follow-ups and cold emails. Direct sending of cold emails is possible through Exchange, Office 365, and Gmail accounts. It is integrated with Salesforce, Zapier, and many other business software programmes.

They pride themselves on having some of the safest cold email software for automated marketing. It is also a fantastic option for teams who need to work together, exchange contact lists, or block domains.

A/B testing, if-campaigns to transfer prospects to other streams, manual tasks to incorporate non-email actions in the campaign, and snippet-based criteria for simple customization and personalization are just a few of the complex features offered by this cold email software.

Depending on the add-ons chosen, each slot costs $40 to $59 a month with 50 contact emails per day.


Saleshandy - A cold email outreach platform to get more conversions-min

One of the greatest cold email software for sending customized cold email sequences with a high email deliverability rate is Saleshandy. To avoid the spam inbox and securely transmit your emails to the main inbox, the programme adopts a sending strategy that is similar to that of a person.

You can quickly construct a personalized email sequence, add up to 49 follow-up stages, schedule your email, and receive a thorough analysis of each sequence in the Saleshandy dashboard. This entire cycle aids in converting prospects into paying clients.

Saleshandy gives your email deliverability the highest attention by sending emails one at a time to simulate manual sending. The programme also automatically stops a sequence if there is a danger that one of your emails may bounce. Their pricing starts at $25 per month per user.


Reply - Sales Automation and Sales Engagement Platform-min

With Reply, you can elevate your sales outreach to a whole new level. To increase your conversion rate, you can use the dashboard to build up an email campaign with follow-ups and do split testing.

Reply has a strong reporting system, which is one of its best features. You can see all the information and metrics for your email campaigns in this system, including delivery, open rates, link clicks, bounced emails, and more.

Depending on their behavior, specific people might be excluded from your queue of automatic emails. It also enables you to create customized email campaigns.

You may join up for a 14-day free trial of the tool’s full functionalities. Three email addresses are included in the basic package for this cold emailing technique, which costs $70 per month.


Sales automation acceleration at scale - Snov.io-min

Snov is a well-liked programme made for cold emailing with a simple UI and strong functionality. You can automate your email campaigns using Snov and save time. You may also download the Snov plugin for Google Chrome, which enables you to look up a website visitor’s email address. 

When someone opens your email, you may establish triggers to alert you. A follow-up email can be sent if a person opens your email but doesn’t respond, which is another automatic action you can create.

Finally, you may locate an email address that is associated with a certain domain name using the Domain Search Tool.

  • Small Plan: $29 per user per month
  • Medium Plan: $49.00/user/month
  • Large Plan: $79 per user per month
  • Extra-Large Plan: $139 per user each month



As you undoubtedly already know, HubSpot offers excellent email marketing tools. They are excellent at keeping track of every customer interaction, including sales and marketing initiatives. You may absolutely use this potent tool to perform your sales sequences.

Hubspot offers email marketing features as well, allowing you to centralize all of your sales and marketing sequences and gain in-depth metrics on everything. Additionally, there is no need to import data because built-in CRM keeps all of your lead information in one place at your sequences. 

To get advanced permissions, sales analytics, conversation intelligence, predictive lead scoring, and other useful features, you must upgrade to an Enterprise subscription.

Cold email function is only accessible with Sales and Service Hub Professional, starting at $450/month for 5 users.


UpLead_ B2B Database & Business Contact Data Provider-min

You need to give UpLead a go if you’ve been searching for a strong and dependable B2B sales intelligence platform only to be let down by leads that fizzle out. You may search through UpLead’s database of over 54 million B2B contacts to swiftly get in touch with highly qualified leads.

The data may also be used to update and improve an existing lead database, locate leads based on the CRM they employ, and instantly confirm their contact details. As a result, you will spend less time seeking for prospects and more time selling to them. 

Additionally, UpLead offers a 95% data accuracy guarantee, which sets it apart from many other lead-generating platforms and ensures that you aren’t approaching prospects with out-of-date information that will do you no good.

  • Free Test: $ (5 credits)
  • Basics: $99 per month (170 credits)
  • Added: $199 per month (400 credits)
  • Expert: $399 per month (1000 credits)


Sales Engagement Made Easy - Yesware-min

Yesware is a “sales toolbox all in one.” You can arrange meetings, track results, and send emails with its help. It also interacts with LinkedIn and Salesforce. Instead of forcing you to migrate your activity into a new tool, the software sits on top of your Gmail and Mail inboxes, enhancing their usefulness.

You will be able to keep track of how prospects interact with your emails, including whether they download, open, and click on attachments like bids or sales decks.

With the use of Yesware’s cold email outreach software, which enables you to schedule emails to be sent at specific times and run follow-up campaigns automatically, sales prospecting will become simple and predictable.

Price: $35 per month for each seat.


Sales Engagement & Prospecting Platform for Gmail - Mixmax-min

If you’re searching for an all-inclusive email outreach solution, Mixmax is your go-to choice in cold email software. This programme is very simple to set up and requires no technical expertise to use. With Mixmax, you can schedule emails and follow-ups without needless back and forth because you can access this application from your Gmail account. 

Effective customisation may increase the impact of your outreach. Additionally, based on your availability, prospects may schedule meetings with you via your calendar link. Additionally, you have a real-time alert system and an email tracking tool for monitoring the effectiveness of your campaign.

The monthly fee for the premium plan is $9 per user.


Klenty - Send Cold Emails automated follow-ups w_-min

A sales engagement software called Klenty assists in automating cold email outreach. The cold email software automates follow-ups and personalized emails. Prospects may be automatically imported into a CRM using CSV or Google Sheets. 

Mail merge, A/B testing, and email detection are further components of cold email software. Additionally, it gives you access to reports including prospect histories as well as team and cadence reports. CRMs including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zoho, and Freshsales can be integrated with Klenty. 

The monthly fee for the subscription plan is $30 per user. All features of the cold email software are available during a 14-day free trial.


Lemlist - Your Go-To Cold Email Software Outreach Automation Tool-min

Lemlist is an additional tool for email outreach that automates and customizes cold emails in bulk using custom variables. Videos and graphics may be readily customized. You may construct dynamic landing pages with the tool and integrate screenshots and logos as pictures in your emails. For your new domain’s high email deliverability, the tool additionally offers an email warm-up option.

With this cold email software, you can easily schedule automatic follow-ups and carry out A/B testing on email templates. Tracking openings, clicks, replies, and bounces may also be used to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign. Additionally, you may verify email addresses before launching the campaign and keep track of recipients.

A 14-day free trial that includes all the features is available. This cold emailing tool’s monthly subscription fee is $29 per user.


Overloop Sales Automation Platform-min

The goal of Overloop is to simplify cold outreach. Finding emails, creating segregated lists of leads after research, contacting them through personalization, and maintaining them in a CRM software of your preference are all parts of prospecting, this cold email software helps you with.

The cold email software offers an extension to check such email addresses and an email finder. It enables the simple creation of multi-step campaigns and the setting of automated multi-channel outreach reminders. Custom variables are a useful tool for customisation. You may also keep tabs on email openings, clicks, bounces, and responses. The program also enables you to keep tabs on each member of your sales team and their performance.

Their entry-level subscription package is $39 per month per user.


Folderly - Avoid Spam Folder and Increase Email Deliverability-min

To identify, address, and avoid email deliverability problems, Folderly is an all-in-one platform for email deliverability. Through cold email marketing, this cold email software helps firms create a solid email infrastructure, improve email deliverability, and improve results. From sophisticated domain audits to email deliverability testing, Folderly provides solutions for a range of corporate needs.

Automatically produced senders, which guarantee an accelerated rise in sender score and mailbox security, are what set Folderly apart. You may enhance and preserve the reputation of a domain using a series of technological steps. With this cold email software, you can do inbox placement tests using the most well-liked email service providers, keep an eye on the health of your domain and blacklists, and get knowledge about your IP address, DNS settings, and sender rating.

You may build HTML or plain text emails and quickly examine them for spam triggers using the email templates analysis dashboard from this cold email software. 

The $49/mo Basic Warm Up package enables you to get a new domain ready for effective outreach activities.


Find email addresses in seconds • Hunter-min

A web-based service called Hunter.io is used by businesses to gather and validate legitimate email addresses. Given that it was only recently added to the platform, This cold email software’s cold email campaign functionality is definitely not its greatest suit. However, Hunter.io is your best option if you’re searching for an all-in-one answer to your cold outreach problems.

With the help of this cold email software, you can quickly locate the emails of your target audience, validate them, and even obtain difficult-to-find contact information for your prospects. This allows you to completely tailor your campaigns and boost the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

A must-have tool for your upcoming cold outreach campaign if you work in the B2B sector is Hunter.io. You may utilize Gmail’s campaigns function to obtain an all-in-one solution if you don’t need any complex email automation tools and are utilizing the service from locating emails to turning them into clients.

The starter plan of this cold email software starts at $49 per month.


Streak - CRM for Gmail-min

This cold email software adds beneficial CRM features to your Gmail inbox. Similar to how GMass does it, Streak connects directly into your Gmail account. They do it by converting your email into a versatile CRM, which adds even more functionality on top.

You may avoid needing to combine separate cold email software with a third-party CRM by keeping everything under one roof. Additionally, you may create snippets, which are templates you can use right away to eliminate time-consuming procedures and speed up email response times.

Pricing: There are free options and premium options starting at $15 per user each month.

First Sales

Firstsales.io_ Never let your sales pipeline run dry - firstsales.io-min

Firstsales.io is the perfect cold email marketing and outreaching tool to help your business grow and gain the attention it deserves. With Firstsales.io, you can easily create and send customized cold emails to your potential customers in one streamlined process.

Firstsales.io provides all the resources necessary, such as templates and personalization rules, for a successful campaign that will ensure more conversions for your business. From tracking real-time analytics to managing your lists, Firstsales.io has everything you need to maximize efficiency and optimize progress in your targeted market. Whether it’s boosting sales or generating leads, Firstsales.io makes it easy for you!

Pricing of First sales starts at $30 per month for each user.


Sales Engagement & Automation Software - Mailshake-min

Mailshake is a sales interaction software that enables salespeople to contact prospects via phone, email, and social media while running customized campaigns. To customize and send emails in bulk for your campaign, you can use dynamic variables. 

It is feasible to programme follow-ups automatically depending on email opens, clicks, and replies, which will significantly lessen manual work. You can use the cold email software to do A/B testing to improve your results.

Prospects can also be contacted by phone and via social media, among other means. But you can control everything from a single dashboard. The benefit is, this cold email software can be integrated with other programmes like Salesforce and Pipedrive. It is therefore among the top cold email softwares for cold email outreach.

Despite the lack of a free trial, Mailshake offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The price of this programme for cold emailing starts at $39 per user per month.


Autoklose - Close More Deals Faster-min

Because AutoKlose automates all of your email tasks, you can identify, target, and nurture your prospects without any hassle. Some incredible features of this cold email software include lead generation, drip email marketing, and CRM connection. Additionally, you can send a lot of emails all at once. 

Also, you may use their follow-up tool to convert your chilly emails into warm conversations. The cold email software groups your contacts into warm and cold folders according to how you engage with emails. Salesforce as well as several email platforms can be integrated with AutoKlose.

The subscription package costs $49 a month.


We have hand-picked the best cold email software to assist you in automating your outreach campaign (sequence) and closing more business.

You may automate follow-ups with these new-generation email outreach technologies, giving your campaigns the highest email deliverability rate imaginable (sequences).

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