10 Best Email Marketing Tools & Softwares for Small Businesses in 2024

Best Email Marketing Tools

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Boom 58% of consumers check their emails early in the morning. What makes them so active to check it earlier? Emails have become so crucial such that scams and dangerous links are constantly being identified. DON’T GO AWAY because these scams are not going to happen for everyone. In fact, emails are a great way to initiate marketing.  

Indeed, emails are an excellent method for getting started in marketing. Many people are unaware that they are prompted to purchase a product or service, primarily through emails. 

Coming to the crux, email marketing is defined as a branch of marketing gimmicks whose main goal is to fulfil their service’ marketing and attract potential leads, their choice of interest, and shaping them into their actual customers.

But, there exists some difficulties on how to optimise emails for these purposes properly. That’s why email marketing tools have expanded its presence over novice people, indicating them to start their career with this as its initiation.

By the way, on reading this article, you would be able to

  • Identify the importance of email marketing
  • Identify the best email marketing tools in 2022

Why is email marketing important?

Email Marketing really fits the need of marketers who find various difficulties in their job roles. To be frank, winning people’s requisites is one of the hardest tasks even great people could have encountered. Just by talking to them, it doesn’t mean that you could very well persuade people to buy. To tackle these issues, email marketing jumps into the realm.

Moreover, email marketing depends upon how to extract the main purpose of emails. It serves as the bridge between clients and the company.

In those days’ conversations, Emails were mainly optimised to talk to anyone outside of your business circle since the invention of contemporary social media weren’t existing. When we speak specifically about email marketing tools, it has attached many advantages for its users.

Email marketing tools are a great option to boost your email campaign with time schedule, email segmentation, dynamic content type incorporation etc. The neighbouring bullet points possess information, relating to the vitality of email marketing tools.

Importance of Email Marketing and Email Marketing tools.

  • Automation and management of emails.
  • Incorporate a time scheduler to send emails to a large target audience.
  • Email leads management.
  • Sorting and grouping of emails is easier to do with email marketing tools.
  • Keeps you connected with your prospective leads.
  • Unwanted, old emails are saved for the latest reference.
  • Helps to align with the strategy of a marketing team.
  • Time-saving and efficient to use.
  • A lot of stress is reduced.
  • Prioritisation of emails could be done.
  • Profession of cool email templates are a big boon to start your mail designing.
  • Email marketing tools help you to easily measure its status.
  • Email marketing tools are even compatible with mobile phones.
  • Since almost every person uses emails, marketing will reach every customer.
  • Suitable for mass marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing tools can possess an initial learning curve.
  • Should accompany various links, attachments and citations.
  • The auto responding facility would retain your customers.
  • Integration with many other platforms.
  • Multiple essential options can accommodate the tool.
  • Product promotion management.
  • Portability.
  • Acts as a good storage management system.
  • Incorporates calendars and move your path toward planning.

A good email marketing tool should absorb a quality user interface along with less distraction to the OS. When dealing with email marketing tools, it would definitely assure a great reign in the upcoming days. Email marketing tools assure greater email quality that has to be sent across the group of clients.

In addition to the above all, email marketing tools serve the users with help of machine learning where targeted recommendations would be sent across your email by which you get triggered each time. Optimizations of these boons purely depend upon the hands of the user.

Best Email Marketing Tools 2022

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform for growing businesses. Mailchimp enables millions of customers worldwide to start and grow their businesses by providing world-class email marketing technology, award-winning customer service, and inspiring content. 

Mailchimp’s marketing platform puts your audience at the centre of your marketing, allowing you to digitally promote your business across email, social media, landing pages, ads, websites, and more—all from a single platform.

Mailchimp Best Email Marketing Tool


  • Basic reporting and analytics
  • 300+ integrations
  • Monthly email sends
  • Email scheduling
  • A/B testing

2. MailerLite 

With their intuitive drag-and-drop email editor, you can create engaging, dynamic emails in minutes. Connect other web apps with MailerLite to share information, automate workflows, and improve your customer experience. Get a head start on your website and newsletter creation! Choose a design that suits your company’s needs and personalise it. The drag-and-drop editors allow anyone to customise templates like a pro.

Best Email Marketing Tool


  • Drag and drop facility
  • Newsletter templates
  • Rich-text editor
  • Free image library 
  • Custom HTML editor

3. Constant Contact

Establish, have sent, and loop email accounts that customers enjoy receiving. Send the appropriate message at the appropriate time. Send emails to new subscribers automatically, notify them of items left in their basket, and even offer them a birthday discount. Find out who is opening, clicking on, and ability to share your emails. Then, based on the material your viewer clicks on, use your built-in analytics to improve your campaigns.

Best Email Marketing Tool


  • Auto responding
  • Contact management
  • Built-in analytics
  • Subject line testing
  • Mobile supportive

4. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a tool that helps businesses with their email marketing. With Sendinblue, businesses can send out mass emails, track who opens and clicks on the email and create beautiful email newsletters. Sendinblue makes it easy to manage your email list and create targeted campaigns.

Sendinblue allows you to dynamically add text such as your contact’s name to your email content, or you can go even further with their advanced email personalization options. Furthermore, use a shared inbox to keep your teams organised and never lose track of your customer email history again.

Best Email Marketing Tool


  • Marketing Automation
  • Segmentation
  • Transactional Email
  • CRM incorporation
  • Landing Pages
  • Signup Forms

5. Campaign Monitor

Email marketing is effective because it is fast, efficient, and inexpensive. Whether it’s a weekly newsletter or advanced features like segmentation, automation, or personalised customer journeys, the more personal, the better. Integrate all of your business apps into a campaign monitor to create data-driven segments, such as shoppers with abandoned carts, shoppers by location, or churned customers. This way, you can speak directly to each subscriber, increasing the likelihood that they will act.

Best Email Marketing Tool


  • Transactional emails
  • Personalised email facilities
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Incorporates link review tool
  • Intuitive journey designer

6. GetResponse

Email marketing software with powerful email templates, simple design tools, and proven deliverability. Build your message using layouts and sections. View setup and scheduling details in one convenient location. Designs can be viewed on desktop and mobile devices. GIFs and free stock photos can be used to enhance any design. Personalize with your own branding and content. Create and curate your own template libraries, among other things.

Best Email Marketing Tool


  • Automated blog digest
  • Autoresponders
  • Automation emails
  • A/B testing
  • Newsletters
  • Transactional emails

7. Moosend

Moosend allows you to send pixel-perfect email campaigns to your target audience! Simplify your marketing tasks and achieve your objectives with the click of a button. With Moosend’s advanced automation features, you can save time and headaches while propelling your email marketing forward. 

With their feature-rich form editor, you can grow your mailing list around the clock, collect valuable data easily, and share your forms across all of your online channels.

Best Email Marketing Tool


  • List Segmentation
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Premade Templates
  • Ultrafast Loading Pages
  • Separate Mobile Editor
  • GDPR Compliance

8. Omnisend

Follows the straightforward path to sales growth with Omnisend’s ecommerce email marketing, Messaging, and mechanisation platform. Using Omnisend’s robust email campaigns features, you can produce detailed, personalised campaigns in minutes and keep your pops and corporate sprout. Ideal for promoting visually compelling information, product innovations, and exciting offers.

Best Email Marketing Tool


  • Product recommendations
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Campaign booster
  • A/B testing
  • Campaign reports
  • Campaign clickmaps

9. Sender

Sender allows you to generate as well as send absolutely personalised emails. You can choose from professional quality templates or create your own one-of-a-kind design in minutes with no coding skills. Sender enables you to stay in communication with your clients and expand your operation quickly and easily – all while splurging far less.

Best Email Marketing Tool


  • Drag and drop feature
  • Responsive emails
  • Custom HTML editor
  • Free templates gallery

10. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is a tool that helps businesses with their email marketing. It allows businesses to create and send newsletters, coupons, and other promotional material to their customers. It also provides analytics so businesses can see how many people opened and clicked on their emails. EmailOctopus is a great way for businesses to stay in touch with their customers and promote their products or services.

Customizable forms for their official site allow you to import and/or services and continue to grow. Alternatively, create eye-catching landing pages to attract more subscribers. Generate email sequences to involve your consumers right away.

Best Email Marketing Tool


  • Full control over your email design
  • Reports available forever
  • Unlimited landing pages and forms
  • Add unlimited users

The Bottomline

Email marketing tools discount less to zero disadvantages because it has no role to depend upon. But, the pricing of such email marketing tools could be a barrier against your marketing campaign

Thus, make sure that you stick with the deadlines of your budget and try researching even more about the features offered and try matching them with the price to justify the amount. 

Another important key point to remember while selecting the best email marketing tools is to cross-check whether it satisfies your requisites. Lookup for better integrations with other softwares as well to perform well-defined and systematic plans. 

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