14 Best B2B Marketing Tools & Software for B2B Businesses in 2024

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

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What is B2B marketing?

As the name proposes, business-to-business marketing alludes to selling items, products, or services to different organizations and associations. It holds a few critical differences from B2C marketing, which is focused on consumers rather than businesses.

From a broad perspective, B2B marketing will be in general more enlightening and direct than B2C. This is because business buy choices, in contrast with those of shoppers, depend more on the primary concern of income influence. Profit from investment (return for capital invested) is rarely a thought for the ordinary individual — to some extent from a money-related perspective — yet it’s an essential focus for corporate leaders.

So if you have a B2B marketing business, using B2B marketing tools and software can increase your productivity exponentially. Among hundreds of B2B marketing tools, we have listed some of the best tools below.

Why are B2B marketing tools important for any business?

B2B marketing not only raises brand awareness but also generates interest in your company among businesses and cultivates prospects with the intention of turning them into clients. Ideally, they will establish a worthwhile relationship with your brand over a long period of time. 

Building long-term partnerships are essential since B2B goods and services are frequently more sophisticated (and expensive) than goods and services marketed to consumers.

If someone is looking for the cheapest t-shirt, they usually won’t be concerned about partnerships, but if they’re thinking about making a long-term investment in manufacturing equipment, selecting the proper partner is crucial. To establish and maintain these crucial connections, many B2B marketers rely on tried-and-true tactics like going to trade events or hiring a team of sales representatives.

List of best B2B marketing tools

You can convert more traffic into leads, sales, and customers using these leading B2B marketing tools.

1. Marketo

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

Marketo is a marketing automation program owned by Adobe that was created to assist businesses in automating and measuring marketing interactions, tasks, and workflows. Marketo seeks to make it possible for B2B and B2C marketers to target quality leads, provide prospects for lead-to-revenue conversion, and carry out automated, targeted marketing campaigns across various digital channels. 

In terms of pricing and packages, Marketo provides 4 options i.e. Growth Plan, Select Plan, Prime Plan, and Ultimate Plan. Marketo’s Growth plan starts at $895, which is good for small B2B businesses and startups.

2. Getresponse

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

This B2B marketing tool is a powerful, simplified tool for you to send emails, create pages and automate marketing. GetResponse’s email builder, email templates, and dashboard are its key advantages. It has hundreds of expertly designed email templates. Accurate targeting also enables high conversion rates and greater sales.

Campaigns can be launched from scratch or using one of the many templates available in the Email Creator tool. Users can use their code when using the HTML tool.

For individuals and small companies, the pricing of Getresponse starts at $19 per month for 1000 contacts and increases accordingly for marketing automation and eCommerce marketing plans. And for mid & large companies it offers custom pricing. It also offers a free service with limited features so that you can try and understand the tool.

3. Unbounce

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

If you are a B2B marketer, customizing traffic, messaging, and call to action helps a lot. But creating custom pages requires more resources and time. So, This B2B marketing tool has the role of creating custom landing pages that can convert more traffic than any other ordinary website. 

In this B2B marketing tool, you have to drag and drop the customs to create landing pages without coding. So anyone can easily do it without any prior training. Moreover, you can automatically target visitors with relevant pages using this B2B marketing tool as it provides AI-powered smart traffic conversion tools. And, it provides quite a choice of conversion-focused landing page templates.

Unbounce has 4 subscription models. But before that, you can have a 14-day free trial for any of it.

  • The launch plan starts at $90 per month and has unlimited pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars.
  • Optimize plan starts at $135 per month and has 5 domains and 30% more conversions.
  • Accelerate plan starts at $225 per month and has 10 domains, up to 50000 visitors, and 2500 conversions.
  • The concierge plan starts at $575 per month and has all the advanced features and services of the software.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot - Best Free CRM Software for Businesses

This B2B marketing tool provides free CRM software. It has free tools to offer for everyone on your team. The B2B marketing tool gives access to a lot of free tools with limits. HubSpot is a CRM platform that enables you to control all the resources scaling businesses use to provide best-in-class customer service. They provide thoughtful, not disjointed, solutions that enable teams to develop through the use of strong individual tools but superior collective ones.

Customers are prioritized using this technology, customization is easy, and teams are connected through a connected CRM.

The paid plans of Hubspot starts at $45 per month The starter plan includes 1000 marketing contacts along with free tools with increased limits and bills $540 per year. Accordingly, the professional plan and enterprise plan offer higher features and ask higher bills, appropriate for mid-large companies.

4. Slack

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

Slack is a B2b marketing tool that you can use to communicate with your team in a faster, better, and more secure way than email. It is a collaboration hub, built with tools like search, shared channels, apps and integrations, pinned things, and more to connect the right people with the appropriate information.

You can view and discuss files right in your channels because it syncs with popular file management tools like Google Drive and Dropbox, which helps busy teams save a tonne of time.

This B2B marketing tool has a free plan through which you can easily try slack.

  • Pro plan: This plan provides you more power if you have small teams where better collaboration is needed. It starts at $2.66 per month for additional features with the free plan features.
  • Business plus plan: It starts at $4.58 per month with advanced features, appropriate for businesses.
  • Enterprise grid plan: This plan provides all the flexibility to meet your regulatory requirements and all power to match your growth. This billing is fixed through direct contact with the sales.

5. Sprout Social

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

This B2B marketing tool offers a 30-day free trial for free, so you can discover the software and upgrade if you grow or cancel anytime. A single platform for managing social media, Sprout Social. It is designed for customer service representatives, and social media analysts, and not only for social media managers and marketers.

You are no longer required to switch between social media accounts. You can now provide each team member access to a single inbox. You can manage content to go live when you require it, using Sprout Social’s publishing tools. You are no longer required to log in and log out of each of your accounts.

The paid standard plan starts at $249 per month and each additional user adds $199 more. The professional plan includes scheduling for optimal send times, response rate, and time analysis reports. It starts at $399 per month. 

The advanced plan includes message spike alerts, digital assets, a content library, and chatbots with automation tools. It starts at $499 per month with each additional user adding $349 more per month. The enterprise plan includes all advanced features plus 24/5 prioritized customer support, premier consulting services, and customized services with premium add-ons. 

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tool can be considered the best B2B marketing tool provided by Google that can help you to get complete user insights, behavior, demographics, and other important data to make your marketing efforts easy and enhance your business performance. Google Analytics gives you a full understanding of your customers across devices and platforms. It is a free tool that you can use to understand the customer journey and improve marketing ROI.

The B2B marketing tool lets you understand how your customers interact across your sites and apps, throughout their entire life cycle. It lets you get a reliable measurement foundation with built-in automation, intuitive and flexible reporting, cross-platform attribution, and much more.

It provides both free and paid plans. The paid plan starts from $12500 per month and costs $150000 per year. 

7. Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo - The World's 1 Content Marketing Platform

This B2B marketing tool is said to be ideal for content research and discovery. It is a content marketing platform designed to house all the resources SEO experts and content marketers require in one location.

BuzzSumo’s data-driven insights can assist you in producing top-quality content that performs better in search engine results and attracts more social media engagement. The size of its database is one aspect that differentiates BuzzSumo from its competitors. You may also use the topics tool by this B2B marketing software to come up with nearly endless topic ideas for any subject.

This B2B marketing tool provides both free and paid plans. The free plan has features with limitations of 10 searches a month, 1 year of data, 1 user, 1 content project, a max of 100 items, and 1 custom feed. And, it offers all the basic features. Accordingly, the Pro plan starts at $99 per month and $79 monthly if you pay annually, Plus plan starts at $179 per month and large plan starts at $299 per month.

8. Linkedin sales navigator

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

Linkedin sales navigator is a B2B marketing tool that makes selling easy focusing on building relationships and connecting with the right people. It is a paid service on LinkedIn that assists companies in generating leads by making it simple to locate and connect with your target market.

You are probably already familiar with LinkedIn InMails. You can send these private messages to any user on the platform, including those to whom you are not connected. Only premium account and Sales Navigator owners can send InMails, and depending on your account type, there is a monthly cap on the number you can send.

This B2B marketing tool provides 3 subscription models and you can start your free trial anytime before buying any plan. And prices drop by 25% if you choose to pay annually –

  • Core plan: The plan is ideal for newbies. It is a cost-effective plan that starts from $99 per month.
  • Advanced plan: Appropriate for a team. It starts from $149 per month.
  • Advanced plus plan: Considered ideal for an enterprise. It starts from $1600 per year. You can request a demo for this plan.

9. Zoom

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

With this B2B marketing tool, you can communicate with your users via audio, video, phone, and chat. Zoom is the most widely used app for video conferencing among all other options. One of its most notable and popular features is its virtual background. It also provides a tonne of keyboard shortcuts that are useful when you don’t want to use a mouse.

It is available for third-party integrations. You can simplify your chores if the plugins from third parties are supported. Additionally, Professional video conversations require that you look your best, but since we typically conduct them from home, it can be challenging to keep a youthful image. In these circumstances, Zoom has a useful function called Touch-up my appearance.

It provides a broad set of pricing and packages to choose from, that can be used for both personal and business purposes. The packages are, zoom one, zoom phone, zoom events, and zoom rooms. The pricing of zoom starts from $161 per year per user. It also offers a free plan which has quite good features for anyone just starting.

10. Mailchimp

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

With getting started this B2B marketing tool is simple, it has basic email marketing, automation features and it is a multipurpose tool. Particularly if you’re absolutely unfamiliar with the technology, Mailchimp makes it really simple, to begin with email design. Once you click Create, Mailchimp will provide you access to their minimal template, which you can easily customize.

Besides, even though many tech firms’ branding portrays a clean, abrasive, almost futuristic tone, it isn’t necessarily relatable or human enough. On the other hand, despite any rebranding, Mailchimp has consistently stayed faithful to its initial we-don’t-take-ourselves-too-seriously vibe.

Mailchimp provides a substantial free plan with which you can easily create email campaigns and learn more about your customers. This tool offers 3 paid plans: essential plan, standard plan, and premium plan. The paid plans start from $9.39 per month. The premium plan offers the most advanced tools, unlimited contacts, and priority support, built especially for teams.

11. Ahrefs

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

Ahref is a B2B marketing tool that provides SEO tools & resources to grow your search traffic. To rank on Google, link building was and, in my opinion, continues to be one of the most crucial criteria. It is a backlink analysis tool that was introduced a few years ago when there wasn’t a tool available to assist with link creation.

Since then, it has developed into a full-featured SEO tool, radically changing the game. These days, it aids in website audits, keyword research, keyword tracking, backlink analysis, and other tasks. With Ahrefs’ batch analysis feature, you may check 200 URLs at once.

This tool offers 2 months free with any paid service if you pay annually. Or you can pay monthly as with Lite, Standard, advanced, and enterprise plans. The paid plans of Ahrefs start from $99 per month. The standard plan is ideal for SEO professionals and in-house marketers.

12. Semrush

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

One of the top SEO tools available is a platform called Semrush, which offers all kinds of marketing services. This B2B marketing tool can help with SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing from one platform. It was initially introduced as a service for conducting market research to assist companies with their online marketing. 

But after numerous tests and years of research, it evolved into a comprehensive digital marketing toolkit, and today Semrush is the top choice of digital marketing experts worldwide. This tool assists you with keyword research, link building, competitor monitoring, keyword tracking, and many other tasks. With all these advantages, you can quickly outrank your competition and place your website at the top of search results.

This B2B marketing tool has 3 paid plans. The Pro plan is for newbies and small teams. It starts at $119.95 per month and less than 17% if you pay annually. Accordingly, the Guru plan starts at $229 per month for agencies and mid-size businesses and the business plan starts at $449 per month.

13. Buffer

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

There is no doubt managing social media is complex. Photographers, video editors, communicating managers, analysts, and more all are required. So here this B2B marketing tool, Buffer can help. 

First, you will analyze your previous post to see what is working, that is when what and how often to post. Next, you will plan and prepare your social media campaigns to increase your reach, engagement, and traffic. Then, you have the post that needs your immediate attention. And, the B2B marketing tool helps you simplify your social media workflow in one platform.

This B2B marketing tool has both free and paid plans. For paid plans, it has a 14-day free trial. And, the paid plans start from $5 per month per channel known as the essential plan. Then the corresponding plans are the team plan and agency plan. 

14. Nielsen

B2B Marketing Tools & Software

This B2B marketing tool helps you know everything about your audience with their cross-platform measurement of data of the entire population and its shifting habits. You can plan your power and invest where it matters with comprehensive data that shows where, when, and how to meet your audiences. 

Then, you get to maximize your ROI by understanding how your advertising and marketing reach and impact audiences. And lastly connect audiences with TV, movie, sports, music, and podcast content.

It has 2 subscription models –

  • Individual subscription – starts at $3000 per 3 years.
  • Institutional subscription – starts at $4000 per year.


So here we have listed some of the best B2B marketing tools which we thought are best to uplift your team’s productivity and increase your sales. Use the tools and plans according to your business and team needs to convert more traffic into leads, sales, and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can B2B marketing tools help?

With the required B2B marketing tools you can have,

1. Good outreach to customers: You can have good communication with your potential customers leading to increased sales.
2. Automate tasks: You can automate various tasks with different tools required as per your business, saving you time and energy. So that, you can focus better where your attention is more needed.
3. Better profit: You can efficiently channel your marketing efforts, reaching your target customers. And having better results will surely increase your profit.

2. How to select the appropriate B2B marketing tool needed for me?

You can choose the best B2B marketing tool for you, by considering some important factors:

1. The level of your business: If you have just started, going for highly paid plans will not be wise enough. Instead, you can opt for free plans, as I have mentioned above.
2. Services or Products you sell: It depends largely on the type of service you offer and according to that you will need your B2B marketing tools.
3. The audience you are targeting: you target customers offline or online, which will decide your needs for a B2B marketing tool.
4. Value for money: Go through all the functions and features, plans, and packages, the B2B marketing tool is providing and match if it fits your needs.

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