15 Best Linkedin Marketing Tools for Business Growth in 2024

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Business Growth

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In the financial year 2022, LinkedIn’s yearly income added more than 13.8 billion U.S. dollars, up from eight billion U.S. years during the 2020 monetary period. Microsoft procured the person-to-person communication site, which centres around business contacts, in 2016 and moving to become an organization that essentially offers online services to business clients. LinkedIn fits this new plan perfectly, and it will help Microsoft both expand the set of business clients it can serve and extend the relationship with those it already serves.

Established in 2003, LinkedIn associates the world’s experts to make them more useful and fruitful. With in excess of 850 million individuals around the world, including leaders from each Fortune 500 organization, LinkedIn is the world’s biggest expert organization. The organization has a broadened plan of action with income coming from Ability Arrangements, Promoting Arrangements, Deals Arrangements, and Premium Memberships.

Gotten settled in Silicon Valley, LinkedIn has work environments across the globe. Now, if LinkedIn has generated so much revenue, why do we need to know about LinkedIn marketing tools? How can it help in growing our small business? We can get this answer by seeing the exponentially increasing number of users of Linkedin. And where there is a crowd of potential consumers, there must be our presence who have the related business.

User base of LinkedIn by 2022

As of June 2022, People aged 25 to 34 years accounted for 54.3 percent of its users whilst those in the 55 years and over category accounted for just over four percent of users. In short, it is no less than any other social media platform that has the capability to generate leads.

Did you know that there are LinkedIn marketing tools that can help you grow your business effectively?

Will the use of Linkedin marketing tools help growth in small businesses?

Here are a few LinkedIn marketing tools listed below that can come in handy leading your business –

Linkedin marketing tools

Brand Management LinkedIn marketing tools:

1. Crystal

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

Interaction between you and your target is an important step in generating leads, and for that use of the right communication, the way is very important. This is where this tool named crystal comes into play.

This Linkedin marketing tool analyses a person’s personality and suggests your choice of words, phrases, tone, and style of communication. Based on public data, it analyses and generates personality reports. And hopefully, you can have an effective conversation which can take you further.

2. IFTTT(If This Then That)

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

Its main advantage is automation. It automates many processes using different software and platforms and hence saves time. Their foundation gives a visual point of interaction to making cross-stage explanations to its clients, which, starting around 2020, numbered 18 million individuals.

3. Aeroleads

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

This amazing tool helps you find the right audience for your sale. It guides you to get the contact information of the relevant audience automatically. And with help of it, you can customize your texts and messages putting more impact on your point.

Content creation LinkedIn marketing tools:

It is very important for you to consistently post various kinds of content on LinkedIn and remind you of your presence and engage with your audience if you want to grow your business through LinkedIn. Some of the LinkedIn marketing tools to help in content creation are given below-

4. Canva

Logo design software

Canva is a free design-creating platform that helps create graphical templates, logos, videos, presentations, and much more. It is a beautiful tool to start with if you don’t have much knowledge about professional editing tools.

Besides, it provides you with a lot of free templates and resources through which you can make professional visuals for LinkedIn. Many other similar applications also exist but I find no other as efficient as it.

5. Lumen5

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

With this tool, you can make creating content a lot easier, especially short videos and clips. You just select the text, images, or clips you want to use for your video, and then it does it for you simply. It enables you to focus on increasing engagement on the post eliminating the hectic part.

Linkedin marketing tools for ideas and inspiration

6. Reddit

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

If you are getting short of ideas for creating content for LinkedIn, I think you can become smarter about asking others for help. This is where Reddit can really help. Reddit is one of the fastest-growing community platforms where many people love to solve each other’s queries and help. 

7. Buzzsumo

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

It is one of the leading content-creating ideas tools that is being used by millions of users. Another wonderful LinkedIn marketing tool for ideas and inspiration is Buzzsumo. It gives you ideas for content creation on the basis of ongoing trends analysis all across the searching trends and stories. You need to enter the keyword or the domain then it just shows the best results. It also helps you identify influencers and their value.

Linkedin marketing tools for analyzing trends

8. Google Trends

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

Google Trends is a site by Google that examines the fame of top hunt questions in Google Search across different regions and dialects. The site utilizes charts to analyze the search volume of various questions over time.

It is very easy to use google trends, just start by entering a keyword. And then it does its job. You can also preview the given examples and see the hot and trending topics if not having any idea. 

Linkedin marketing tools for automation

You can use the IFTTT tool for automating purposes also but, Zapier is a better option solely for this purpose.

9. Zapier

Zapier - Automation that moves you forward

Zapier is an item that permits end clients to incorporate the web applications they use and automate work processes. The organization is completely remote. Starting around 2011, it associates with more than 4,000 applications, with free and paid plans. Its operating methods are a bit more advanced than IFTTT, but it’s surely more useful in precision.

Linkedin marketing tools for targeting the audience

10. Rocketlink

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

It is an all-in-one tool that adds superpowers to the links that you provide. You just need to provide your links and it tracks its performance effectively. You can add and track multiple links and clicks in one dashboard and minimize your marketing efforts. It can help you retarget anyone who clicked on your given link. 

It creates custom audiences according to you based on users who even clicked your link once. Then it reaches people interested in specific content or your products or services and increases conversion. You can also run cross-platform retargeting campaigns to engage your target group.

Linkedin marketing tools for connecting and building effective networks

The easiest way for you to acquire new customers can be by sending cold email campaigns to a relevant target audience. Then you can run paid ads focusing on location, keywords, and more. But I understand doing it on your own can be really time-consuming and frustrating. So for this, we have a tool.

11. Findthatlead

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

It generates leads for you on autopilot. It has a team that can design customized campaigns for you and can generate leads month after month. It verifies emails to ensure the high deliverability of campaigns quickly and has many more advanced features like it. It is very effective both for B2C and B2B companies. 

Thus you can target your ideal new customers with precision. And the best part of all is you don’t need to engage in any of it.

12. Discover.ly

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

Another worth-using tool is discover.ly which will find your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts and then add the information to your LinkedIn by connecting to it while you view it simply. It can be useful for some prospects. 

Linkedin marketing tools for analytics

13. Quintly

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

This tool provides you with advanced social media analytics, delivered with unrivalled quality, customization, and flexibility. It gives you extensive and layered insights and helps you to compete better. It helps you get social media data with native excellence. It pulls data from social media accounts and tracks performance.

It analyses your performance and insights about your competitors and more. It gets you the reports within a few minutes which are clearly understandable. You can also export desired social media reports by automating delivery times and formats.

Sales navigator LinkedIn marketing tools

14. Linkedin sales navigator tool

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

It provides advanced lead and company search, lead recommendations, and CRM integration. It also gives relevant sales navigator insights on your accounts and leads, and job changes. It organizes your prospecting leads and accounts with tags, and takes notes that can be synced to CRM. Shows the extensive list of people viewed on your profile in the last 90 days. Surely it is the best sales navigator tool providing broad features.

15. Plugins

Linkedin plugins can be really helpful in growing your business. Some of the plugins that are useful to grow your business through LinkedIn are-

  • Share
  • Linkedin autofill
  • Company insider
  • Company profile
  • Follow Company


Today in 2022, Linkedin is an essential platform for all types of professionals existing across the world. It has changed the social scene of business and the corporate world. So it’s really important for you to have your presence here so that you can connect and grow with like-minded people.

From a business point of view also, it is a must platform to be present on. And the use of LinkedIn marketing tools can ease a lot of workloads and help achieve the aimed customers quicker. After all of the tools and tricks, to stay ahead you need to stay updated on all of the changes that happen. 

In this post, I have tried my best with my knowledge to present you with the most essential and effective LinkedIn marketing tools that can actually help you grow your business even from scratch. You can also research for more as there exists a lot more linked marketing tools.

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