25+ Medium Alternative Platforms for Publishing Articles

When it comes to choosing the right blogging platform, they are all different. Every platform has its own pros and cons. Before you pick a blog platform, you need to ask yourself these questions about your potential audience. You can do well with blogging about one niche in this instance, but fail in another. 

In recent times, the popularity of self-publishing as a marketing strategy has increased dramatically. This is especially true for those who are looking for some way to develop their own personal brand and generate leads.

Medium is a popular blogging/publishing platform, but it’s not the only one out there. If you are looking for more options to publish your articles, this article will provide some medium alternatives for you!

What is Medium platform?


Medium is an online platform that was created in 2012 by Evan Williams. It is a place for people to share their thoughts and ideas on various topics. Medium has about 100 million monthly visitors, which makes it one of the most popular platforms for publishing articles.

Medium focus on storytelling. The blogs you publish on should be mostly informational so that people can get to know more about your business. Make sure to provide the information they need at their fingertips.

Here is the list of 25+ Medium alternative platforms to publish a blog post. 

Vocal Media: #1 Direct Medium Alternative

Vocal is a great medium alternative platform. Vocal provides storytelling tools and engaged communities for writers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, and all types of creatives to discover and fund their creativity.

Vocal pays creators based on the amount of “reading volume”. If you will take a vocal premium subscription, you will get paid – 6 dollars per 1000 views, or if you don’t have a subscription, you will get paid 3.8 dollars per 1000 views.

Buzz Feed:

BuzzFeed is an American media company providing great opportunities for writers. it is another medium alternative platform. Buzzfeed articles are often humorous or ridiculous, but they can also be serious. Content is often easy to consume on the website because the articles are short and interesting. BuzzFeed has a huge following of people on various social media platforms.

Hubpages: #2 Direct Medium Alternative

Hubpages is a great place for writers who want to get into blogging and writing online. Hubpages is a free and direct medium alternative website that people use to generate income by writing about topics they are passionate about. Writers can create their own content about anything they want but need to stay away from plagiarism. The best advantage of the site is that writers are able to earn up to $50 per article through Google AdSense alone.

Linkedin Pulse:

LinkedIn Pulse is another medium alternative from LinkedIn that keeps you up to date on news and articles related to your industry. It is a combination of a social network and news/articles that uses AI to recommend content for users. You can also publish the content on the LinkedIn pulse if you are looking for a medium alternative.

Youth ki Awaaz:

Youth ki awaaz is India’s largest writing platform and indirect medium alternative for students. It is an open publishing platform that enables you to publish your story on any issue that is personally relevant. 

If you love to write about social and global issues in article form. This platform is going to gem for you.


Wikihow is another medium alternative platform that provides step-by-step instructions format articles. If you love to write articles in step format, this platform is going to become the best for you.


Ghost is a free and open-source blogging platform. It is a system that enables people to publish their own blogs on the Internet, as well as fancy blogs with multiple content types and other features. 

Ghost open-source blogging and the indirect medium alternative platform. Its interface makes blogging easy for users, but also offers SEO tools and other plugins that are built into the platform. This makes it simple for users to publish high-quality content without technical difficulties.

It is also a great medium alternative for writers, where writers can create their own interface while publishing the post.


Substack offers writers of all experience levels the ability to write an email newsletter that’s profitable through subscriptions. Substack provides purpose-built web and newsletter publishing tools to enable writers to monetize their newsletters. It is a service often favoured by readers because it’s a convenient all-in-one solution for writing a successful podcast that people will want to subscribe to, as well.


Newsbreak is an online news and current affairs magazine company with an estimated 23 million monthly users. The majority of its content is shared across the NewsBreak mobile app. According to Sensor Tower, NewsBreak surpasses 50 million downloads globally, with more than 99% of those being in the U.S. If you love to write articles, you can go through this medium alternative platform.


Steemit is a platform that allows both traditional blogging and cryptocurrency. The website provides features for discussion, passive advertising of posts, revenue sharing through upvotes or curation, and pay-for-post submissions.


If you are looking for a Medium alternative platform, Quora might be what you are looking for. One of our favorite things about Quora is that it provides both long-form articles and questions.


LiveJournal allows users to share their life stories, give advice, and exchange ideas with each other. The platform differs from Medium where writers usually create long-form content based on their hobbies and expertise. LiveJournal provides opportunities for people to learn about others’ lives, whether it’s through simple exchanges or more in-depth sharing of experiences.


Beam is a reading platform that provides all the latest startup news. Beam uses machine learning to create customized content based on your interests. You can save articles or publications to make them easier to read later.

Beam is designed for enthusiasts of the world of entrepreneurialism. It gathers all current content to keep you up-to-date on major outlets. You can create an account and choose your sources and interests to get a personalized feed. This is not a community-driven platform like Medium, but it may be right for somebody who wants to stay in the know about business and technology trends.

If you love to write about entrepreneurship, this platform will get you more exposure.


Write.as is a proprietary blogging platform for people who love to write and have no intentions of building a brand. Anonymous writers can hide their identity via the service, which only holds on to minimal information about its publishers. This new system weeds away marketers or those who want to build perception, so if you just enjoy the joy of writing without worrying about your privacy this is perfect.


Blogs are for people who want to spend time and money on creating quality blog content. Tumblr, unlike Medium, can’t easily move your content or help you monetize your work. But the main pros of Tumblr are the ease of publishing on it, accessibility where millions upon millions will be able to discover your content, and its applicability across various forms of media (such as TV series, for example). If you’re looking for an effortless website that operates like Tumblr like uploading pictures with capt.


WriteFreely is designed for writing, with little distraction and an easy-to-use interface. It’s free to use and can be edited on any browser, which makes it very versatile.


A 2009 blog, indyaspeak.com delivers content related to poetry, news, and jokes. Their innovative team is doing their best efforts with user experience in mind. indyaspeak.com is a web portal whose goal is to provide an entertaining source for articles and poetry, as well as state-of-the-art humor and jokes. The site features active involvement from its staff and an innovative team (most likely referring to AI, as this paragraph now does).


Slant is a product recommendation community that helps connect people with the best products for them. If you write content related to products and services. This platform would be best for you to write articles.


Writeupcafe was created to provide space for content creators, bloggers, and readers. Bloggers can interact with each other through WriteUpcafe so their content can be visible to more people.


Slashdot is a news site, created and maintained by the crowd. They offer many kinds of stories ranging from politics to science and technology.


Blasting News is an innovative global publisher with accurate journalism. It offers individual journalism for any individual, where you can write articles in news format with complete news and facts sources. If you love to write in a news format, this platform would be great for you.


Hashnode is a one-stop platform to start blogging as a developer. If you are a developer or tech person, you can start writing with hashnode.


Reddit is an American social media service that has a community of readers called Redditors. These readers can submit content to the site in the form of links, text posts, images, and videos.


Wattpad is a website and app for writers to publish user-generated stories. It aims to create social communities around stories for both amateur and established writers.


Minds is a technology blockchain-based social network and a great medium alternative platform. You can earn money or crypto by publishing creative content like articles, videos, images, etc. Minds have been described as more focused on privacy than major social networks.

Self-hosted medium alternative platform:

Medium Alternative Platforms
Medium Alternative Platforms


WordPress is one of the world’s most popular open-source platforms, with over 1/3 of all websites currently running on WordPress. One of the features that make WordPress appealing is that no prior experience or technical knowledge is needed. It can be used by individuals to post blogs, and business owners for content management and even entire Fortune 500 Companies are harnessing its power. As it is an open-source program, the source code can be modified to create new apps and plugins- adding additional information.


Blogger is easy to use for starting a blog, with the site made by Google that anyone can sign up for. The blog posts are published by time stamp and are able to have more content formatted on the page, including images, videos, ads, and even more templates. Users can make money on their blogs too through advertising with the AdSense feature.


To conclude, before going to publish the content on any platform or alternative to medium, find your audience. Platform related to your audience would be matter.

If you are an individual you can start writing and publishing while deciding the best-suited medium and similar platform for you or if you are into business, you should go with each and every direct and indirect medium alternative platform one by one to publish the article related to your business to get more business visibility and backlink, but keep in your mind article should be user value proposition not your business promotional.


Why you should publish the content on Medium?

Medium is an online platform that was created in 2012 by Evan Williams. It is a place for people to share their thoughts and ideas on various topics. Medium has about 100 million monthly visitors, which makes it one of the most popular platforms for publishing articles.

What are some sites similar to Medium.com?

• Medium
• Vocal Media
• Buzzfeed
• Hubpages

How to choose the best blogging platform for you?

When it comes to choosing the right blogging platform, they are all different. Every platform has its own pros and cons. Before you pick a blog platform, you need to ask yourself these questions about your potential audience. You can do well with blogging about one niche in this instance, but fail in another. 

Which blog platform is best for money?

• Medium
• Vocal Media
• Hubpages

Self-hosted platforms can monetize by Adsense

• WordPress
• Blogspot

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