15 Freelancing Websites to Earn Money & Find Work in 2024

Freelancing Websites to Earn Money

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Do you want to earn money online? The best way to do it is to start freelancing. 

As the freelance industry is booming, freelancers are in higher demand than ever before. There are many thousands of people all over the world who would love to work on a freelance basis and be their own boss.

With more and more people discovering the benefits of working as a freelancer, the workload has become immense. Freelancers enjoy demanding abstract things such as projects and workload. Luckily, COVID-19 helped recruit freelancers in droves to deal with the high demand.

The best freelance websites in this article will help you in your search and knock up that income in 2024!

Top 15 freelancing websites list

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the best freelance marketplace under freelancing websites for beginners that offers digital services for business owners to outsource projects. On the site, freelancers are categorized by gig, while buyers browses through categories with the option to purchase projects quickly when they find what they are looking for.  

Fiverr cuts out the middle man, making it easy for freelancers with specialized skills to freelance directly with business owners. Whether you are an expert in writing, designing websites, or voice-overs, Fiverr is a platform with millions of buyers seeking services offered by millions of sellers. Sellers sign up with Fiverr without any bidding process and post gigs at their desired price. If a buyer chooses that gig, then they need to provide payment information on the website.

2. Lensa

Lensa is a US job board that uses AI and machine learning to connect talent instantly, many of whom are freelancers or looking for side gigs with the best opportunities. As a career advocacy platform, Lensa helps millions of job seekers make smarter career choices. Job seekers on Lensa have all kinds of side gig opportunities at their fingertips, including gigs in photography, accounting, copywriting, web design, programming, graphic design, and more.

Overall, Lensa provides freelancers hunting for side gig opportunities with a comprehensive image of their job search and forecasts on their career pathways to realize their full potential in the most appropriate position. This is possible because of robust AI-based job matching, clean and rapid job searches, tailored job alerts, and job seeker assistance.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a popular freelancing website that offers clients and freelancers the opportunity to connect on an international scale. To create a profile, start by stating your expertise, work experience, or anything else that sets you apart from other freelancers. Next, post a bid on a job of your own choosing or offer a project of your own. 

Due to the sliding fee scale Upwork operates on working more which translates to more money in your pocket!

4. Freelancer

Freelancer is a popular freelance site, designed to match freelancers with companies from around the world. These jobs include a wide range of expertise and tasks. Freelancers can produce work with top quality by winning contests and user reviews. You’ll be rewarded upon completion of a job, but you will have a 10% fee deducted from your earnings.

5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour.com is a freelance platform for businesses and staffing agencies to find professional freelancers to hire by the hour or project. With millions of freelancers from different industries, such as public relations, marketing, and journalism profiles on the site, PeoplePerHour Freelancers can browse jobs in multiple catergories, send offers to set prices and seamlessly create an invoice once they’re done.

With a service fee of 20%, peopleperhour is a great, user-friendly solution for the freelancer strapped for cash. Benefits do grow as you work with them more.

6. Scripted

Scripted helps writers to earn a consistent income from work available on the site, no matter what your genre is. With the platform’s tools, you can also present your ideas to potential clients and negotiate a fair price. It has partnered with Stripe, a digital payment provider where payments are guaranteed safe and secure. Scripted has a convenient project dashboard for tracking your work progress and payments.

7. 99designs

99designs is the perfect place for designers to find freelancing opportunities. Once you enter 99designs, you can submit your design portfolio, search for contests and connect with other designers who feel supported like you. The website also has tutorials ranging from expert advice to other compelling features that keep the freelancing experience fun. This platform motivates creatives to show what they’ve got and never give up on their passion because it’s good enough!

8. Gigster

Gigster is a place for software designers, web designers, and even app developers. They have a rigorous screening process, but they use AI to match freelancers with projects which is just awesome. if you have experience in one of these areas, Gigster is the platform to check out.

9. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a freelance marketplace focused on design for many disciplines and around the world. Their process includes both crowdsourcing and placing clients with their perfect designer. With a wide variety of job listings and crowdsourcing platform, DesignCrowd is the go-to when it comes to freelance design. One of the best perks of using DesignCrowd is that they offer jobs from all over the world. Check them out today!

10. Toptal

Toptal is one of the most exclusive websites for freelancers, accepting only 3% of applicants each month. Out of this group, Airbnb, Zendesk and Thumbtack are big-name clients. If you make it on board, the website provides connections with these brands and many more. Airbnb and Zendesk are companies that have used Toptal for designers.

11. Ellvate

Ellvate is a social marketplace for freelance professionals. Their platform employs innovative technology to solve today’s freelance talent shortage, enabling users to grow their careers by the geographic regions in the world they live, work, and play. Ellvate grows your business by connecting you to potential customers that live in the same area. Sellers focus on gathering, fostering relationships with people they live near, and selling their services. Diverse industries are also represented on the Ellvate platform which facilitates marketing for all types of businesses.

12. Picoworkers

If you’re looking for a way to make cash and complete simple freelancing tasks in your spare time, you can register with picoworkers.com. They offer a wide variety of different projects in the areas of programming, networking, web design, and more.

13. Konnecteum

Konnecteum, India’s first blockchain new freelancing portal connecting employers with freelancers to complete jobs delivered online. 

Konnecteum provides an online environment which catered specifically to the needs of freelancers who want to enjoy lower commissions, a high priority rating for their skills, and have a sustainable career.

14. Guru

Guru is a place for freelance professionals and companies to work together. Using this website, freelancers can view job listings and provide quotes on short or long term projects, giving a fixed rate per project. The more active members are safe with Safe Pay protection which guarantees timely payments to freelancers. Signing up gets you free membership for basic features; paid membership will provide more tools to enhance your profile. 

Their listings are both transparent and easy to understand, with no sketchy content to make audiences uncertain about their work. They encourage community members to access ideas and feedback on projects they submit, embracing authenticity within their platform.

15. Flexjobs

FlexJobs offers an extensive list of job postings across many different categories, but focuses on freelance, part-time or full-time jobs. All the jobs are verified to be real, and had already been screened of scams before being posted. 

Flexjobs offers four different subscriptions from which you can choose from three to six dollars a week. You get access to your unique work portfolio, career advice, skills testing and a guarantee of thirty days if you’re not satisfied.


There are many freelance websites for people to work with. The best thing to do is to find one that offers the services someone needs and the compensation they desire. It’s also very important to be wary of scams, so always take time before signing up for anything and working for anyone.


  • What are the best freelancing websites?


  • How can I get first freelancing client or project?

    Find out what your skill is and how it can be used as a service
    Define your ideal market segment
    Build your profile and portfolio.
    Decide your market platform
    Refer your profile to your friend and family to award you the first project at minimal cost without any work to generate positive ratings and reviews.

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