11 Best Logo Design Software & Tools in 2024 [Free & Paid]

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On one occasion, We found an article that quoted the following statement: “Coca-Cola’s logo cost $0 to design”

Logo Design Software
Coca Cola Logo

While the same book covered a contrary fact stating,” BBC Paid $1.8 million for its Current Logo”.

Logo Design Software
BBC Logo

From $0 to any cost, a loyal logo could be produced seamlessly for which the world waits to grab on. 

Before increasing your IQ with the definition of logo, let us take an excerpt from Witty Wikipedia that contains the forthcoming assertion.

“In a written language, a logogram or logograph is a written character that represents a word or morpheme” 

Consequently, the word “logo” is a clipped form of unwidely used “logogram”.

Moreover, Logos are contemplated to be a pictorial or diagrammatic representation of a bulky business into a compact form.

Logo Design Software
Logo Design Software

Apropos of that, the ForgeFusion team had drawn this non-fictional prose that incorporates essentials which respond to all of your queries like the one in approaching below and above.

History of Logo

As the human psyche is more devoted to visuals than minds, this session involves intriguing images that demonstrate the transition of logos from stone based era to social media times. Before screening those visuals in your retina, get to know about how logos are employed in the ancestral times. 

Logo Design Software
Logo Design

Multiple tales described a few pictures layered with a grid that produces several logos in one image as how today’s logo masters perform in their job roles.

Furthermore, it grows up with perfect printing technology, flashing in news titles and pops up in headlines. As the lifecycle moves so fast, the revolution of logos too modified its way of representing it the outside world.

Logo Design Software
Logo Design Software

Breaking the perplexity – Graphic Designer Vs Logo Master

As a novice, these bi-terminologies would process your brain to perceive themselves as variable and differentiable. Graphic Designers are the stick figures that consume a lot of technical wisdom to process, manipulate, and analyse complex visual formats.

They are in turn blessed with numerous methodologies to manufacture any graphical product offering basic images to advanced vector outputs. On the contrary, A Logo Designer is a mammal or static software that was only programmed to code logos for your dream Business.

In simple terms, A logo designer is a sub-categorization under Graphic Designers.  Ergo, the graphic dudes are much more specialized in creative master logos than logo masters.

Where and why of logos?

“Why are logos used “ and “How is it vital for business seekers?”

To answer these queries, here is a gist of Vital Vitamins for a Lustrous Logo to excel in this predatory world.

1. Unwraps Identity

Logos are cooked not as a substitution to your brand name. But, to serve as a base for your branding. A precisely structured logo should support the reach of your content to the target audience to increment your audience engagement. The inter-connection between brand name and logos should be maintained seamlessly to avoid slope downs in your business graph. 

2. Marketing

This mystical tool is widely used by great businesses, filling its bank account from $0 to million dollars. The adjective behindMarketing perfectly suits it, puzzling the startups with rigidity. A lethargic logo with poorly formatted visuals could pull down your business with a lot of slope-downs in your database. On the contrary, a powerful one has the potential to achieve a successful history in your graphs.

3. New customers

As an effect of marketing, not your brand name, but it might be the logo who gets stuck in your customers minds, carving good thoughts about your niche. This in turn leads to the spread of your business to multiple people.

4. Memorable

The mind of real-time animated characters gets emotional to visuals rather than alphabet, as I‘ve stated at the beginning. The logos are planted to grow as a huge tree in the mind of the audience, making them water it daily.

5. Available anywhere

You could implement these either in your digital forms, Instagram posts, Shopify profile or you could deal within banners, posters, newspapers, advertisement hangouts, etc.

How to Choose The Right Logo for your Business?

From fairy tales to actual business, each and every single product abides by a certain set of criteria or rules to be followed in its breeding process.

Just have an eye at the criteria points to design a wow logo within nanoseconds

1. Colour:

Colours are the major component of your visual to make it look beautiful as a butterfly and share your theme with ease. There are dozens of colours in this globe with unique hex values. However, perplexity exists while choosing the right colour for your brand. 

Walk through the psychological pathway of colours in the oncoming text that offers you better decisions.

  • Blue:  symbolises Tranquillity, stability, nourishing, equanimity 
  • Green:  symbolises Nature harmony balance growth safety 
  • Yellow: Attention, Cheerfulness, warmth, happiness
  • Orange: attraction, encouragement, cheerfulness
  • White:  Purity, Cleanliness, Simplicity
  • Black:  symbolises luxury elegance strength authority
  • Red: symbolises Warning, danger, attention

2. Font

It could stimulate thought of the theme behind your brand. The boldness, curving structure, spatial gaps, length and width of the text are the sub points to deal with in deciding font style. Here are the friendly fonts along with some tips to get started.

Fundamentally, four types of font exist. Namely, 

  • Sans serif
  • Seriff
  • Scripted/ curvy fonts
  • Display font style

Example of font type logos:

Google new logo
Google new logo
facebook logo
Facebook logo

Instances of curvy/scripted font styles:

Logo design
Logo design
Logo design
Logo design

Examples of display font theme:

Examples of display font theme
Examples of display font theme
Examples of display font theme
Examples of display font theme

3. Shapes

Shapes to shape your logo to success. Their utilization should be reasonable and here are the synonyms of those diagrammatic structures to exactly pick your one.

  • Square and rectangle: Strength, professionalism, efficiency
Logo design
Logo design
  • Circular shapes: Femininity, community, stability, friendship
Logo design
Logo design
  • Triangular: Masculine, science, power
Logo design
Logo design
  • Vertical: Impression, masculinity, progression
Logo design
Logo design
  • Horizontal lines: Calm, tranquillity, serenity
Logo design
Logo design

4. Formats

There exist two types of image presentation namely raster and vector image.

To know these terms just continue to read with a notepad to take down notes

  • Pixel = The smallest addressable point in an image. Multiple pixels together form a picture.
  • Raster image = an image formed by coloured pixels. When you zoom your camera snaps, you are able to see compact blurry dots.
  • Vector image = An image formed through mathematical equations and formulas comprising numerical values that define each and every point of your picture. A pixel-independent image.
Image typeformatsexpansion
VectorAIAdobe Illustrator
VectorEPSEncapsulated PostScript
VectorSVGScalable Vector Graphic
VectorPDFPortable Document Format
RasterJPG, JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
RasterPNGPortable Network Graphic
Logo Design Software

From the above table illustrating the formats option for logos, you could realise that jpg and jpeg are the most frequently used ones in your cameras. However, they have variable advantages which are listed below

Vector graphic images – Pros

  • Easily scalable
  • No loss of quality
  • Smaller file size
  • Used in Adobe illustrator
  • Supports transparent backgrounds

Raster images – Pros

  • Compression and depression could be made easily without quality loss
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to edit as well
  • Could be created in simple steps
  • Larger file size

How to Choose your Ideal Logo Design software or Tool?

The selection of the best logo making software is a trading task to consider and we have jotted down the basic requisites one should look for.

  • Budget: Budget should be to your buying level.  If you want to design just one logo, it is always better to go with free design software. However, if you are a logo designer, you should go for paid software. Remember to first ensure that the software is efficient enough and has all the features you require. 
  • Features: Before buying or using a logo design software or tool, you should always confirm that it has good customisation options and features. It is always wise to ensure that the software is worth it and serves your purpose. The best logo designing software should contain frequently used options and fundamental features in its free plan.
  • Skill: Basic raster formats should be incorporated and at least one vector format should be available. Vector-based logo design software is best suited for skilled professionals as they require a certain level of expertise. On the other hand, the template-based software is perfect for someone with little to no artistic ability as these software provide professionally designed templates which can be tweaked according to your preference and you can have a logo ready within minutes. You can thus choose your logo design software or tool according to your skill/ability.
  • Should be compatible with Windows and Mac OS platforms.

So tired?

We have shortlisted the top 11  best Logo making software to consolidate your business identity. I promise that this is the final main topic.

1. Adobe illustrator

Inhabiting #1 best logo-making software in our list, is based upon subscription plans with the features of editing vector graphics rather than raster graphics. It sounded in the graphic industry in 1987, and quickly adopted membership in the adobe trifecta of industry. 

Logo design software
Logo design software

It has no perceptual license option and has less uniformity of key commands with photoshop and indesign, It features canvas rotation, smart glyph snapping, alignment tools, cut and copy artboards, and cloud document access as well.

The free trial starts with an amount of $20.99/month/individual.


  • Cost might be your giant issue to deal with
  • No perpetual license
  • Overloaded options 
  • Steep learning curve.

Pricing: Staring at a range of $20.99/month/individual

Compatibility: macOS and Windows.

Rating: 4.9/5

 2. Tailorbrands

Born in 2014, it is a browser-based solution platform that has fundamental tools to access for free. The company now claims to have 25 million users, along with 500 million designs. 

Logo making software
Logo making software

The plan is inclusive of basic($3.99), intermediate($5.99) and premium($12.99) Perhaps, the sad news is tailor brands do not offer refund schemes except urgency according to their terms and conditions.

It contains a logo resize tool, brand advice strategies, watermarking, secure data storage, print management, etc.


  • Extra fees for addons
  • No refund available

Pricing: $12.99

Compatibility: macOS and windows

Rating: 4.8/5

3. Hatchful

Occupying #3 best logo-making software on our list, this raster supporting software is a DIY logo maker which is free to try. Moreover, this software could be used without Shopify too. You could add your company slogan, modify the company’s name, and replace the existing icon with a new one.

Logo design software
Logo design software

You could also try new colors and friendly fonts. High-resolution PNG images with downloadable features are available. Thus, it doesn’t support vector graphic contents.


  • Doesn’t offers vector file format to download
  • Customer support is only via email

Pricing: $20

Compatibility: macOS and Windows.

Rating: 4.7/5

4. Canva

A raster and vector graphic engaging software ranks #4 best logo making software in our menu list. It has numerous features like a drag and drop option to insert options seamlessly.

Logo design software
Logo design software

With absorbing various motion elements, the basic deal starts from $9.95 to access all icons, shapes, etc. But, it also has an inability to remove watermarks in the free version. You could edit the photos, videos making it available in transparent backgrounds. The formats available in the Canva platform are listed below

  • PNG
  • SVG
  • PDF
  • JPG

It has a moneyback time limit of 30 days.


  • Transparent logo download require subscription
  • Additional icons and templates could be added only if you pay

Pricing: Free & $ 9.95 

Compatibility: macOS and Windows

Rating:  4.7/5

5. Designhill

With 60 days money-back scheme, this absorbs the #5 best logo making software in our platform, this supports vector as well as raster-based content graphics.

Logo making software
Logo making software

It has a starting range of $249. Launched by Rahul Aggarwal and Varun Aggrawal, they consist of 40,000 designers to produce customized high-quality logos.

It has a polling technology to get reviews from your friends and family members. Due to overpopulated options, it could be overwhelming to get started.

It is inclusive of billboard design, Powerpoint Design, leaflet design, catalogue design, Brochure design, and Sticker design.


  • Overpopulated options confuses you.
  • High resolution logos are costlier
  • User privacy concerns

Pricing: Free & Paid 

Compatibility: macOS and Windows

Rating: 4.6/5

6. Looka

This best logo making software is completely free to use and design your logo, but requires subscription to download. The formats available in Looka are as follows

  • PNG
  • SVG
  • EPS
  • PDF
Logo making software
Logo making software

Dealing both raster and vector graphics, it repays your amount within 1 week of payment when you cancel your subscription. It is a DIY logo maker, manufactures our requisite through provoking multiple questions about your company,  fonts, and colours you need to choose.


  • Contains only one format to support raster graphic contents
  • One-one interaction is impossible.

Pricing: $20

Compatibility: macOS and Windows

Rating: 4.5/5

7. Coreldraw

With a starting range of INR 66490/-, it too beats other logo designs and it is compatible with windows and Mac OS platforms.

Logo making software
Logo making software

Corel draw consumes 2.5 GB of hard drive space in your PC. It has gratification effects, contains subscription and perpetual licence at reasonable rates. The pro-level package costs $549. There exists a 15-day free trial option along with formats supporting both raster and vector graphical contents.

It guarantees 30 days to return your money when you plan to cancel the subscription.


  • Your budget could not tackle this subscription plan.
  • Unsuitable for encoding videos and pictures.

Pricing: $549

Compatibility: macOS and Windows

Rating: 4.4/5

8. Ucraft

This tool helps you to edit fonts, colors, titles, and text at microseconds to produce high-quality contents. This logo design software depends upon DIY methods and the creativity of human to access it. 

Logo design software
Logo design software


  • Has minimum features and icon sets
  • Lack of options could unsuit professional designers

Pricing: $10

Compatibility: macOS and Windows

Rating: 4.3/5

9. Logo Design Pro

Founded in 1993, it contains 2000 templates and fonts to use. It is beginner friendly with easy instruction guides. 

Logo making software
Logo making software

This logo design software contains options to resize you contents without quality or sharpness loss. It is inclusive of other options ranging from gradients to emboss effects.


  • Vector graphics are given with priorities
  • Not equivalent to AI .

Pricing: $69.99

Compatibility: macOS and Windows

Rating: 4.3/5 

10. Logomakr

This logo designing software starts at a range of $19 uptill $299. This tool sets itself free and you should pay to download favicon files and vector graphic contents. With the interaction of 3 million graphics, it allows its user to redesign the logo as well.

Logo making software
Logo making software


  • Needs to be credited for commercial use
  • User might experience initial learning curve
  • Phone support is available only from Monday to Friday.

Pricing: $19.00

Compatibility: macOS and Windows

Rating: 4.2/5

11. The Hoth

This unrenowned logo designing software provides other tools like SEO Tools, blogging management tool sets which is a DIY-dependent logo designing software. It contains dozens of symbols and shapes to customize your one. It also contains a tab called business cards, absorbing dozens of templates in it.

Logo making software
Logo making software


  • Vector graphics might be unsupported
  • You can download your logo only from a link through email.

Pricing: Free to use

Compatibility: macOS and Windows

Rating: 4.0/5

The Final Thought

This concludes our list of the best logo design software and tools in 2024. There are several designing tools out there. You just have to step out and choose the right one for you. It is always wise to try out your hand or watch tutorials of the software you plan on buying and also keep an eye out for free trials. Good luck!

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