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Siteground is still the most widely used WordPress host, as everyone reading this post is aware. This is largely due to the fact that they provide managed WordPress hosting that is incredibly reasonable for everyone with a tight budget. 

But if you are the person for whom the pricing of Siteground is higher, or it’s unavailable for your location or you may have some other reason for not being able to use Siteground, don’t worry we have your back.

Your quest for the top Siteground alternatives has come to a conclusion right now. 

For the best, more affordable Siteground alternatives that you can use to host your WordPress websites, check out the post.

Best Siteground Alternatives in a Nutshell

Web Hosting CompanyStarting Plan (Monthly)Service Types
Cloudways$12 (Pay-as-you-go)Cloud-based hosting
Hostinger$1.99Shared+Cloud hosting packages
Rocket.net$30Managed wordPress hosting
Bluehost$2.09Shared+Cloud hosting packages
WPX$20Managed wordPress hosting
Siteground Alternatives Nutshell

1. Cloudways

Best Siteground Alternatives
Cloudways – Best Siteground Alternative

Since Cloudways specializes in managed cloud-based hosting, if you had been using SiteGround’s cloud hosting, it should be at the top of your list of SiteGround alternatives. 

In contrast to other hosting companies, Cloudways lets its customers select the hosting platform of their choosing from a variety of cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

Amazing cloud-based infrastructure that is optimized for security, performance, and speed is available from Cloudways. They typically offer superior Speed compared to other hosting providers because they are housed on numerous cloud-based systems. Your website’s WordPress version is always up to date thanks to Cloudways’ automated WordPress installations. 

With Cloudways’ automatic site backups, you can select the frequency of the backups: every day, every two days, or even every three days, up to a maximum of once per week. Additionally, you may manually backup your data at any moment with a few clicks.

All of Cloudways’ hosting plans include a CDN add-on and Free SSL. By doing this, you can be sure that the data sent through your website is secure. Additionally, Cloudways has a specialized firewall to safeguard your WordPress website from outside threats.

With all of their hosting services, this SiteGround alternative offers 24/7/365 customer assistance by phone, email, live chat, and even a ticketing system. Additionally, they provide a premium and advanced support add-on that offers customers priority and expedites the support team’s response time. 

In addition, Cloudways includes a number of articles and a dedicated FAQs area to address frequent questions about hosting.

The fact that Cloudways offers hosting services at monthly and even hourly pricing is one aspect that jumps out. Standard Cloudways pricing starts at $12/month and may change depending on the cloud service provider you choose.

Additionally, they don’t offer contracts that are several years long, which lessens the sense of being obligated. Users find it simple and the proactive monitoring method also contributes to customer loyalty.

👉 Cloudways Starting Plan (Monthly): $12 (Pay-as-you-go)

2. Bluehost

Web Hosting Companies For Startups
Bluehost – Siteground Alternative

Over 2 million websites worldwide are powered by Bluehost, one of the most well-known hosting companies on the market. Bluehost, which was established in 2003, has a lot of expertise and has developed into one of the most dependable hosting companies. 

Bluehost is one of the official WordPress-recommended hosting companies, along with SiteGround. Due to this, Bluehost is unquestionably among the best SiteGround alternatives.

Shared WordPress hosting is available from Bluehost for prices as low as $2.09 (INR 169) per month for a Basic plan and as much as $3.44 (INR 279) per month for plans with endless websites and storage. Additionally, Bluehost offers three distinct Managed WordPress hosting packages, with prices ranging from $2.95 (INR 238.8) per month for a simple website to $13.95 (INR 1129.62) per month for sophisticated eCommerce sites.

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all hosting fees, regardless of whether you choose Shared WordPress hosting or Managed WordPress hosting.

Bluehost has been around for a while and has grown steadily more dependable over time. Bluehost performs exceptionally well for websites with the highest traffic from the US because the majority of its servers are located there. 

Automatic WordPress updates are included with this Siteground alternative for your website. By doing this, you can ensure that WordPress is running at its most up-to-date and secure level on your website. 

Bluehost offers daily, weekly, and even monthly backups for your WordPress website. Additionally, you may manually backup your website from the dashboard and restore it in case something awful happens.

In addition to offering free CDN (Cloudflare) and an SSL certificate to all of its customers, Bluehost also has a firewall to protect against outside attacks. They also provide extensive security features like SiteLock integration, server backups, and domain privacy protection that guard against malware attacks.

Most questions can be answered in a matter of searching thanks to Bluehost’s enormous knowledge base, which includes hundreds of articles and step-by-step instructions. If that’s not very helpful, Bluehost offers its clients live chat and phone support around-the-clock.

👉 Bluehost Starting Plan (Monthly): $2.09

3. Rocket.net

Rocket.net – Best Siteground Alternative

Rocket.net, a dedicated WordPress hosting company, is based in Florida (the United States) and is promoted by seasoned businessmen Ben Gabler and Aaron Phillips (formerly of Stackpath, Godaddy, and Hostgator) (Ex CPanel) is one of the competitive alternatives among the SiteGround alternatives. Despite being a new company on the market, the founding team is experienced. 

As a business, Rocket.net offers a lightning-fast, low-cost, scalable, and secure Managed WordPress Hosting platform. They designed their plans with the size and requirements of both newly launched and highly trafficked websites in mind. 

You are given a control panel that essentially gives you total control. They have staff available 24/7 by phone, email, and chat for anything else.

Rocket.net is an all-in-one WordPress hosting service with appealing features and tools. They offer WordPress servers that are configured to deliver assets seamlessly across all categories of user devices. 

Brotli compression and photo optimization are built-in to speed up page loading. It has a flawless GTMetrix performance rating and loads rapidly. This information shows that Rocket.net is faster than you could have anticipated. 

This SiteGround alternative automatically optimizes and delivers material using the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, which is three times faster than the free CDN. With more than 200 edge sites across the world, it is simple to reach clients wherever they may be.

Due to their SSD servers’ focus on WordPress, they can deliver your material to you at the fastest possible pace. It ensures that each user has access to resources and keeps other users from ever taking down your website. 

In order to react to customer queries as soon as possible, it also offers built-in caching. Log into your WordPress admin panel and choose “CDN cache” from the top bar to delete the cache with a single click. 

Rocket.net offers a simple dashboard for managing websites and services. All Rocket.net hosting packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and professional customer support available around the clock. It provides two months of free hosting, six months of free hosting, and twelve months of free hosting, respectively, with yearly, biannual, and triannual hosting options. 

👉 Prices for Rocket.net begin at $30/month.

👉 Check out this rocket.net review to see what it can do.

4. Hostinger

Best Web Hosting Companies For Startups - Hostinger
Hostinger – Best Siteground Alternative

The renewal costs for Siteground are absurd and extremely difficult for a new blogger or webmaster to afford. So, the greatest choice if you’re looking for inexpensive Siteground alternatives is Hostinger. 

Their shared hosting packages, which start at just $1.99 per month and include one website, 30GB of storage, and the ability to easily manage 10,000 monthly visitors, are very affordable. This strategy is ideal for you if you are a beginning blogger or webmaster. 

Other premium shared hosting packages start at $2.59 per month and come with extra features and a free domain name. For websites with 25,000 or less monthly visitors, this plan works best. 

If you have a small budget and initially little website traffic, I think you should use Hostinger.

The features of hostinger includes Free domain and SSL certificate, cPanel that is optimized for WordPress and offers 24-hour customer service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Along with it, it has rich-featured web hosting, guaranteed 99.9% uptime for quick servers and no exorbitant renewal fees.

👉 Prices for Hostinger begin at $1.99/month.

5. WPX

WPX - Best Siteground Alternatives
WPX – Best Siteground Alternative

WPX, a WordPress managed hosting firm, asserts that its services are superior to those of other SiteGround alternatives. When it comes to managed WordPress hosting, WPX Hosting claims to be the quickest WordPress hosting company in the world. 

In addition to being well-known for its quick page loads, WPX Hosting has distinguished itself by offering exceptional customer care, free migration, free SSL, free CDN, and other services. 

WPX offers technical support every day, all year long. They accept phone calls, live chat requests, and help tickets. Their live chat support agents reply within 30 seconds, if not sooner.

The organization has a team of experts who are knowledgeable and prepared to handle even the most challenging tasks when it comes to fixing WordPress-related issues and site migrations. Most managed WordPress hosting providers charge steep costs for premium CDN. To speed up the loading of your website, WPX hosting offers a free premium WPX cloud CDN with every hosting plan.

WPX Hosting offers free site migrations indefinitely with all of its hosting packages. Just tell the WPX team of WordPress migration professionals about your old website, and they will take care of the rest for no additional cost. 

The WPX staff will relocate your WordPress website together with your email accounts, install a cache plugin to speed up your WordPress website, and migrate your email accounts to the WPX server.

Each WPX Hosting subscription comes with a free email account. You might use email marketing in addition to the domain name of your company website. 

All WPX hosting plans come with free backup and restore options. The pricing of WPX includes 4 plans – business, professional and elite.

👉 And the pricing starts from $20/month.

6. Flywheel

Flywheel - Best Siteground Alternative
Flywheel – Best Siteground Alternative

While maintaining a price that is half that of more recognised firms like Kinsta or WP Engine, Flywheel has established itself as one of the top managed WordPress providers. 

For the following reasons, this hosting platform is one of the top SiteGround alternatives. All Flywheel plans provide Infrastructure powered by the Google Cloud, no-cost SSL certificates, one-click staging sites, server-level caching, firewalls and malware scanners, built-in CDN, personalized hosting dashboard, and database management tools. 

Despite this, Flywheel is still significantly more expensive than SiteGround in the first year. The price discrepancies will level off by the start of your second term, though, and you’ll finish up spending about the same. 

Flywheel offers a fully managed WordPress platform, whereas SiteGround mostly focuses on shared hosting. The managed WordPress hosting options and comprehensive toolkit for designers, independent contractors, and agencies that Flywheel offers are well-known. 

As a result of moving their server architecture to Google Cloud, Flywheel is now better able to scale and handle traffic peaks. Additionally, the performance is quite good. 

You can save your preferred themes and customizations in Flywheel for subsequent use. This makes it much quicker to launch new websites. Additionally, Flywheel offers no-cost managed WordPress site migrations. The procedure takes about 24 hours, but you can speed it up by paying an extra cost. 

A database management interface is offered by Flywheel. You can access everything in one location rather than navigating between Flywheel and the phpMyAdmin program.

Of all the SiteGround alternatives on this list, Flywheel features a UI that is arguably the most user-friendly. It’s magic is that it functions admirably for both novice and experienced users. 

The cheapest plan from Flywheel costs $15 per month and is designed for sites with less traffic that receive up to 5,000 visits per month. Of course, you may easily scale up if necessary.

👉 Prices for Flywheel begin at $15/month.

7. Hostgator

Web Hosting Company

HostGator provides a range of web hosting solutions, including managed WordPress hosting with capabilities similar to those of SiteGround. After comparing the two services, we discovered that SiteGround offers better customer service than HostGator. However, this choice is worthwhile to take into account if you don’t require much hand-holding. 

For as little as $0.98 (INR 79) per month, you can switch to the Hatchling plan if you’re on a limited budget. However, you might want to choose HostGator’s managed WordPress services if you don’t want to give up too many features because they offer improved security and accelerated speed. 

The Baby Plan from HostGator is a great value if you’d rather forgo managed hosting and save money. You can install WordPress with just one click and receive unlimited domains, website transfer and more. So this undoubtedly earns a place among the best SiteGround alternatives.

👉 Prices for Hostgator begin at $0.98/month.

8. Greengeeks

Web Hosting Company For Startups

GreenGeeks could be a great alternative among the SiteGround alternatives with Google Cloud and dedication to renewable energy matching. This business takes pride in providing reliable hosting services at reasonable pricing while still being environmentally friendly. 

Both businesses provide a 99.9% uptime rate and an exceptionally optimized WordPress hosting environment. Thanks to its LiteSpeed servers, LS Cache, and Cloudflare content delivery network, GreenGeeks also provides lightning-fast speeds (CDN). Although we occasionally had performance issues, it is still a fantastic SiteGround alternative that offers a wealth of helpful WordPress resources. 

For just $2.95/month paying yearly at once, you can switch to a single website of GreenGeeks. 

It is preferable to choose the Pro subscription if you wish to host an unlimited number of websites. Additionally, for just $4.95/month, it doubles the performance of your website.

👉 Prices for Greengeeks begin at $2.95/month.

9. Nexcess

Best Siteground Alternative
Nexcess – Best Siteground Alternative

Nexcess is not your standard hosting company. Flashy advertisements and outrageous boasts about being the cheapest, fastest, or easiest host in town aren’t its styles.

Instead, it quietly focuses on managed hosting services for the most widely used content management systems, including Magento, WooCommerce, and WordPress. It is not surprising that Nexcess is a member of the Liquid Web (high-quality hosting company) family given their powerful and dependable services.

Nexcess is really simple to use from a usability standpoint. The host offers a native user interface that doubles as a control panel for managing websites.

The user interface is beautifully organized and very intuitive. The account and hosting management are both easy to navigate for both new and seasoned webmasters.

Nexcess is highly serious when it comes to security. It includes all the essential fundamental functions and spares no expense when it comes to the more sophisticated ones.

The most expensive managed WordPress hosting plans from Nexcess cost between $13.30 and $104.30 per month. In addition, the host provides cloud solutions, Magento, and WooCommerce hosting services.

👉 Prices for Nexcess begin at $13.30/month.

10. A2 Hosting

Web Hosting Company For Startups
A2hosting – Best Siteground Alternative

 A2 hosting provides the best cloud hosting prices at rates that are quite reasonable for any type of organization. One of the blazing-fast web hosting services, and they offer cloud servers for as little as $2.99. A2 Hosting has been in business since 2003 and provides WordPress users with cost-effective yet incredibly fast hosting services. 

Because of their slogan, “Our Speed, Your Success,” a2 hosting is another excellent option for Siteground alternatives. 

A2 hosting is well known for its monthly subscription plans. If you’re seeking one of the ideal Siteground alternatives, this company is one of those that offer this payment option. 

They promise 100% Uptime. Starting at $1.90/month for new users, extremely affordable hosting is excellent for small company owners. You also have the option of hosting your website in Asia, Europe, or America (West or East Coast). Free domain name, additional security measures, and backups, site migrations for no cost are available. 

Access to GIT, a  free CDN is available. Your storage space is limitless with this Siteground alternative. They give a guarantee of Anytime Money-Back for Advanced Security. You also have the option of hosting your website in Asia, Europe, or America (West or East Coast). 

A free domain name, additional security measures, and backups are all included in their plans. You don’t need to worry about the pricing structure with this Siteground alternative, and the A2 Hosting billing method is the best. They save money by billing in the currency of your nation, which is a major benefit.

👉 Prices for A2 Hosting begin at $1.90/month.


Despite the fact that SiteGround is still one of the top hosting services available, some customers may find it to be prohibitively expensive. By switching to one of the above-mentioned hosting companies, you may see significant savings. You might have to give up a few things, though.

You can choose either Rocket.net or Hostinger if you are still unsure which to select or if you aren’t sure where to start because it compares favorably to SiteGround in terms of customer satisfaction and offers a wealth of affordable WordPress-specific features. It is important to keep in mind that none of the companies mentioned in this piece are a mistake to select, but it is completely dependent on your business and services.

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