Review (2024) + Coupon Code: Does It Provide the Best WordPress Hosting? Review

Are you seeking the finest WordPress hosting that offers you the fastest servers, a 100% uptime guarantee, and first-rate customer service?

Then comes highly recommended. We tested “,” a freshly managed WordPress hosting provider. overview

Year Founded:2022
Service Types:Managed WordPress Hosting
Starting Plan (Annually):$25/month
Customer Support:24×7 – Ticket, chat, and phone
Data Centers:21 Edge Locations
Uptime Guarantee:99.99%
Average load time:582 ms
Refund Policies:30-day money-back guarantee
Competitors:Cloudways, WPX, Kinsta

In order to share the results with you, we ran a lot of tests on a web host using hosting.

We have discussed our hosting experience, all of’s web hosting services,’s uptime percentage, and all of your possible queries regarding hosting in our review.

With all of their plans, they employ NVMe SSDs, 128GB RAM, and 32 CPU cores. On a test and live WordPress website, We ran all the tests for hosting’s beginning package. Which contain tests to verify the claim, such as those from GT Metrix, Pingdom, site speed insights, response time testing, and speed tests.

In order to test the performance, we purchased their Starter hosting plan and installed the Hello theme, Elementor page-builder, & some of the most important plugins (at around 8 to 10). Additionally, we kept the data center location Los Angeles for this test. Here’s our GT Metrix result, which is pretty amazing. Speed check
GT Metrix – hosting

This thorough evaluation will tell you whether is worth your time and money by putting their service through various tests. Before getting into the review, a short note for those who are new to the field and don’t know what website hosting is.

What is website hosting?

The process of publishing a website on the internet is known as website hosting. Once a website has been created, it must be made visible online for other people to be able to view it.

An easy way to describe hosting is as the act of renting or purchasing a plot of land on the World Wide Web for the website to reside on.

What is hosting

Dedicated WordPress hosting provider is situated in Florida (United States) and is marketed by seasoned industry experts Ben Gabler (formerly of Stackpath, Godaddy, and Hostgator) and Aaron Phillips (Ex CPanel). They are therefore a new company in the market, but as a founding team, they have experience.

As a business, now provides a lightning-fast Managed WordPress Hosting platform that is also inexpensive, scalable, and secure. Their plans were created with the size and needs of both new and heavily visited websites in mind. 

You receive a panel that allows you to control almost everything. For anything else, they have a workforce on the phone, email, and chat around the clock. With these, they provide furthermore features and services that we have mentioned in this review below.

Features & Functions – hosting

1. Fast Performance

Performance Report - hosting
Performance Report – hosting

While researching for this review we found that an all-in-one WordPress hosting solution with attractive features and tools is They have WordPress servers that are well-tuned to provide seamless asset delivery across all user device kinds.

It has built-in picture optimization and brotli compression to speed up page loading. It loads quickly and received a perfect GTMetrix performance rating. This data demonstrates that is quicker than you would have thought.

Through the three times quicker Cloudflare Enterprise CDN than the free CDN, it automatically optimises and delivers content. There are more than 270 worldwide edge locations, making it simple to target customers wherever they may be.

2. Control Panel control panel control panel

Testing for this review got us that, their SSD servers can offer your content at the fastest possible speed because of their being geared towards WordPress. It guarantees resources to each user and prevents your website from ever going offline as a result of other users. 

Additionally, it provides built-in caching to respond as quickly as possible to user queries. To remove cache with just one click, log into your WordPress admin panel and select “CDN cache” from the top bar.

An easy-to-use dashboard is available on for managing websites and services. A control panel of superior quality was used in place of the conventional, unattractive cPanel. It offers the following choices:

  • Tracking website traffic (Last 24 hours – 60 days)
  • Manage and add FTP accounts
  • Set up a staging area
  • Plugins can be added, removed, updated, and installed.
  • Themes may be installed, disabled, updated, and removed.
  • Make and check out backups
  • Track the status of the CDN and cache
  • Control the PHP version.
  • Activate automatic updates for core files, plugins, and themes.
  • Remove cache

You have total control over the website with these settings. Installing, deactivating, and removing themes and plugins may all be done without going to the WordPress dashboard. Other hosts provide the same configuration as well. However, this is much simpler.

3. Expert Migrations

Even on their most expensive plans, the majority of hosting businesses offer few expert transfers. But our evaluation of review says, stands apart from the competition.

They provide limitless, skilled migrations that are free for all of your websites. As a result, you won’t lose any material or files in the meantime. Contact their customer service after making your account and send the specifics of your migration request.’s WordPress specialists will handle the rest.

4. Cloudflare CDN

cloudflare CDN
Cloudflare Protection

A built-in Cloudflare Enterprise CDN integration is available on Not to be confused with the free Cloudflare CDN, which is offered by practically all web hosts.

While testing for the review we got, the most powerful of Cloudflare’s four subscription options is called Enterprise. Along with many other features, it has lossless picture optimization, enhanced mobile page performance, and network priority. The custom price for the Enterprise package is more than $200 a month.

You are entitled to a free subscription to Cloudflare Enterprise CDN as a user. It implies that your content will be automatically optimised and supplied with the greatest priority from more than 200 edge locations.

5. Security

WordPress Malware Protection - Rocket.Net
Rocket.Net Malware Protection

All websites are protected against sophisticated hacking by With a multi-layer firewall that can stop any type of attack from the root level, it safeguards your installations. hosting also offers real-time virus detection. They eliminate any harmful threats for no charge if they are found. Thus, it never permits malware infestations to cause your site to drop in rank or end up on Google’s blacklist.

6. Backup

Backup -
Backup –

Daily backups will also be performed and stored in your account. No need to worry if your content is unintentionally lost or erased. To generate fresh immediate backups or access current backups, go to your hosting dashboard and select Manage > Backups.

7. Temporary Domain

Temp. URL
Temp. Domain

One special function of we must mention in this review is the ability to build temporary websites using a temporary domain. You should first create a temporary staging area before adding a new website. For each site, you can select a separate server location. Only, in our opinion, offers clients this choice. As a result, you may build several websites that cater to local people and host them in corresponding data centers.

Click Continue to install WordPress on your website after entering your admin email and password. It could take some time. After that, you may use the WordPress dashboard to add themes and plugins as well as to write and publish content.

An Onrocket subdomain extension will be shown on your temporary website ( Visit your hosting dashboard after it’s prepared, then click Manage next to your temporary URL (Under Sites).

8. Customer Support Support Support

Rocket offers speedy customer service that is available around the clock to respond to your concerns and questions that we have personally experienced for this review.

You’re welcome to get in touch with them via phone, email, or live chat. They will kindly respond to your inquiries, and they will quickly resolve issues.

9. 30-day Refund Guarantee

All customers of are given a 30-day money-back guarantee. Similar to a risk-free hosting trial,

Check out how this host performs for you by hosting your websites on Rocket servers. If you’re not satisfied, get in touch with customer service and request a refund. They will put out their best efforts to address your concern. If not, you will receive your entire payment refunded.

Should you choose hosting for your website?

1. Ease of use

Dashboard -
Dashboard overview –

After using, managing websites and services is very simple, we can say in this review, just because of a single interface. It is also clear and clean. You may view the number of visitors to your site for the previous 24 hours, 30 days, and 60 days on the home screen.

To update, deactivate, and even delete things with a single click, navigate to the Themes and Plugins sections. You may easily restore any backup copy shown under Backups by selecting the button next to it from a date-ordered list. There are also manual backup locations, which may be used to make quick backups before making any significant site modifications.

Rocket’s control panel may be used without any technical skills, unlike other hosting providers. Extremely simple to use. Additionally, it enables you to instantly erase all of your caches without visiting any websites.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology

Although Rocket is just a few months old, it has already received favourable reviews from a variety of clients, including business professionals that we have known for this review. Their cutting-edge technology and potent features enable you to build websites that load instantly and get higher search engine rankings.

Their automatic CDN and SSLs. They don’t need to be configured. Select a data center location, then launch the website there. The rest is up to hosting. It will automatically use a quick CDN and SSL to provide your content.

Server location
Data Centers

To ensure that your website is always active and accessible, it offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee with all plans. Additional benefits of hosting include unlimited professional migrations. This host will migrate all of your websites for free, unlike the majority of web providers that only perform a small number of risk-free migrations. Simply submit your migration request after signing up, and WordPress specialists at will move them within a few hours. scales and optimises resources automatically to lower their size and provide services more quickly. All of these characteristics enable you to spend less time on optimization and more time concentrating on useful activities.

3. Wide & better coverage of servers

The servers for are spread across more than 15 different countries. Additionally, hosting each site in a separate location is free of charge. Thus, you can quickly target local markets and construct an unlimited number of websites. Visitors from around the world won’t experience any sluggish loading difficulties because of the corporate CDN integration with 275+ edge points provided by Cloudflare. is one of the few hosts that provide more than 20 data center options. It also stands out for having the most sophisticated features, top-notch infrastructure, and technological standards that we have reviewed in this review.

Pros and Cons of hosting

Provides fully managed WordPress solutionsExclusively hosts WordPress websites
Great staging equipmentNot possible nor included email hosting
The capability of quickly and easily creating new WordPress sitesThere isn’t a free domain name available
A dashboard that is simple to use for managing your webpagesYou can not create sub-domains for your domain
Effective servers
Free CDN that enables you to provide both pictures and regular HTML content
Regular backups and automatic updates
Effortless website migrations

πŸ‘‰ Pros of hosting

  • The way uses Cloudflare Enterprise is unique in the managed WordPress hosting market and results in several benefits that aren’t found anywhere else, as we’ve already covered.
  • Excellent worldwide load speeds –’s strategy of caching your complete site on Cloudflare Enterprise results in globally competitive load times (especially for static sites like blogs).
  • Full performance platform – enables real-time image, CSS, and JavaScript optimization by exploiting Cloudflare’s technologies (plus more). This may make it unnecessary to use other performance plugins.
  • Robust security: A strong security layer is added by the integrated Cloudflare Enterprise firewall.
  • Phone service is available through on higher-tier subscriptions (and live chat support on all plans).
  • High visit restrictions –’s costs are comparable to those of other managed WordPress providers, but for the same money, the visit limits are much greater.
  • White-labeled reseller plans – If you own an agency, this hosting option is quite practical.

πŸ‘‰ Cons of hosting

  • There are fewer knowledge-base articles, how-to manuals, videos, and other self-help materials available. However, they do offer live chat and phone help 24 hours a day.
  • does not provide email hosting, like many other managed WordPress providers. You’ll require a different service, such as MXroute or Google Workspace.
  • Despite expanding its dashboard experience, still doesn’t offer as many dashboard options as a host like Kinsta. However, you do receive certain special features like the WP-CLI tool in addition to the most crucial functions like backups and staging.

Pricing & Plans of + Coupon Code

All hosting plans from include a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24-hour premium customer service. With annual, biannual, and triannual hosting options, it offers two months of free hosting, six months of free hosting, and twelve months of free hosting, respectively.

πŸ‘‰ Starter Plan The basic plan allows for one WordPress installation. Free SSL, CDN, WAF, and 10 GB of Storage are included. The 250000 monthly visits allowed by this package are more than enough for a new project.

You will pay $25 per month for this plan [On annual billing].

πŸ‘‰ Pro Plan Pro, which offers 1,000,000 visitors per month, is located next to Starter. A single subscription that supports 3 WordPress installations. Regarding storage, the 20 GB allotted in this plan is enough.

$50 a month gets you Pro [On annual billing].

πŸ‘‰ Business Plan Because we can host 10 websites under this plan, it is best suited for projects that are rather significant. There is a cap of 2500000 visits every month. 40 GB of space is allotted to the Business Plan clients due to the need for 10 sites.

We only advise it for websites with large traffic because it costs $83 [On annual billing].

πŸ‘‰ Expert Plan This is’s largest plan, supporting 25 websites and 5000000 monthly visitors. The 50GB of space allotted might not be enough for 25 websites.

The cost of the Agency plan is $166 per month [On annual billing].

Annual Pricing$25/month$50/month$83/month$166/month
WordPress Installations131025
SSD Storage10 GB20 GB40 GB50 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB100 GB300 GB500 GB
Free SSLYesYesYesYes
Monthly Traffic2.5 lakh10 lakh25 lakh50 lakh
Free MigrationsYesYesYesYes
Inode CountUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Malware ProtectionYesYesYesYes
Uptime Guarantee99.99%99.99%99.99%99.99%

These 4 plans come into their managed hosting plan category. Apart from this, they have separate Agency and Enterprise plans, which you can find on their pricing page.

Pricing & plans of
Pricing & plans of

➑️ Coupon Code – 50% Off the First Three Months

We have got an amazing discount offer for Dhandho Karo users. if you want to start with hosting, just click on this link and use the coupon code [ 50off3 ] to get 50% Off the First Three Months on any annual plan. Alternatively, you can start the hosting for $1 only for one month on a starter monthly plan by using the coupon code [ launch ].


After looking at all angles we can finally say in this review, that the ideal and quickest-managed WordPress hosting choice for you is They provide highly optimised hosting plans and servers that are updated and have improved security.

Although is a recent entrant to the market, they provide a hosting service that is incredibly fast and has many more features than its rivals.

Better than any shared hosting and managed options available, offers the best managed and quickest WordPress hosting.

FAQs related to

  • Does It Provide the Best WordPress Hosting? is the ideal and quickest-managed WordPress hosting choice for you. They provide a hosting service that is incredibly fast and has many more features than its rivals.

  • Does offer the Best Support? offers first-rate customer service. Every time we got the response within minutes of our queries. Additionally, they provide multiple channels of support such as – Tickets/calls/chats.

  • Is a beginner-friendly hosting company?

    Yes! is a beginner-friendly hosting company, you can host your website in just a few steps.

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