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Are you looking for Grammarly alternatives? Before we begin, let us give you a brief glimpse of Grammarly.

Grammarly is a grammar checker and writing assistant tool that helps you find and fix grammar errors as well as enhance your writing style. It is a free or premium service that may be used for both personal and professional writing.

While the subscription version offers more detailed feedback, including style and vocabulary usage, the free edition just offers basic grammar and spelling checks.

The Grammarly website is accessible to both free and paid subscribers. The primary purpose of Grammarly is that it acts as a cloud drive for grammar checking.

Grammarly interfaces with several well-known tools or features and can be used online or offline. A few examples are Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and WordPress.

Whether you’re a blogger, novelist, business professional, or student, Grammarly can help you get better at writing.


Grammarly Features

  • Grammar and Punctuation: It looks for typographical problems, comma splices, alliteration, fractured sentences, and other basic flaws in your text. Additionally, it explains to the audience why a mistake was done in the first place. As a result, it also acts as a mentor, teaching crucial grammar principles.
  • Spell Check: It rapidly identifies any spelling mistakes. We can vouch for its veracity. With only one click, you can fix spelling mistakes it finds.
  • Plagiarism: It checks your document for any possible instances of copied material, whether or not it was done on purpose. It provides important information on whether any of your work has been plagiarised, allowing you to be cautious. Then, modifications are recommended.
  • Writing Style: It serves as your human mentor by offering pointers, counsel, and ideas for enhancing your writing style. It provides advice on how to make your writing better, including readability, sentence length, clarity, and other factors.

Grammarly Pricing

There are two versions of Grammarly—one is premium and the other is free.

The free edition includes some standard features including automated grammatical checks, plagiarism detection, suggestions for improving vocabulary, and citation ideas.

While the subscription edition enables access to other advanced checks including fluency, tone suggestions, engagement vocabulary, consistency in spelling and punctuation, and tone.  According to the most recent charges, Grammarly’s premium version costs $29.95 each month, $59.95 every three months, or $139.95 per year.

Why Do You Need Grammarly Alternatives?

In our opinion, there isn’t a better option for this software, making it one of the best. However, It becomes necessary to explore other options because we are aware that many Grammarly services can only be used by premium customers, which makes its usage limited. So, if for some reason you feel like a replacement is necessary, this blog is here to help.

Best Grammarly Alternatives in a Nutshell

Grammarly AlternativesStarting Plan (Monthly)
HemingwayFree, One-time fee of $19.99
ProWritingAidFree, $20.25
GingerFree, $2.03
WordtuneFree, $9.99
LanguagetoolFree, $1.12
Grammarly Alternatives Nutshell

20 Grammarly Alternatives to Make Your Writing Shine

1. Hemingway

Grammarly Alternatives
Hemingway Editor – Grammarly Alternative

Anyone who wants to get better at writing should use Hemingway. It is a Grammarly alternative that is free and provides a number of tools to make your writing more lucid and concise.

The “readability score” is one of Hemingway’s best qualities. This enables you to gauge how simple your writing is to read so that you may make any adjustments. Hemingway also draws attention to convoluted sentences and overused words so you can steer clear of them in your writing. Additionally, the “word count” tool can come in handy if you’re working on a big paper.

If you use Hemingway online, it is completely free to use. There is a one-time fee of $19.99 if you wish to be able to use it offline on a desktop computer.

For writers who don’t make a lot of grammar errors and are more concerned with producing material that is simple to read, Hemingway is one of the top free Grammarly alternatives (likely content marketers and bloggers). And, Grammarly is superior for those of us who require a comprehensive proofreading tool to assist with grammar and spelling mistakes as well as vocabulary ideas!

2. ProWritingAid

Grammarly Alternatives
ProWritingAid – Grammarly Alternative

ProWritingAid is a fantastic Grammarly alternative if the same isn’t for you. Grammarly lacks a number of things that ProWritingAid does, such as a style guide that is highly helpful for fiction writers like novelists and screenwriters.

ProWritingAid also offers comments on your writing, pointing out issues with passive voice, readability, sentence length, and punctuation. Additionally, ProWritingAid offers a free plan with all the aforementioned features. The commercial edition has additional functions, such as a plagiarism detector and a style editor, though.

ProWritingAid is a viable option to take into account if you’re seeking a comprehensive writing tool. There is a fantastic free edition of ProWritingAid!

For $79 a year, ProWritingAid Premium offers no word restrictions, desktop download, and integration with MS Word, Google Docs, and Chrome.

If all you need is a reliable grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker, Grammarly is the best option. The finest tool for help with tone and general structure is ProWritingAid (great for fiction authors).

3. Ginger

Grammarly Alternatives
Ginger Software – Grammarly Alternative

Ginger is an AI-powered writing aid similar to Grammarly that can help you become a better writer. Check out Ginger if you’re looking for a fantastic Grammarly alternative.

Ginger, on the other hand, goes a step farther than Grammarly by providing a set of tools made especially for academic writers. For instance, the “Ginger Paper” tool can assist you in structuring and organizing your essay, and the “Ginger Thesaurus” tool can assist you in selecting the best words to support your claims. Additionally, Ginger offers advice to expert writers on how to correct grammar mistakes like passive voice and long phrases. The best part is that Ginger has a free plan you can use with a Chrome extension!

Utilizing Ginger’s Chrome plugin is cost-free. The Premium version of Ginger also accepts a few different forms of payment. The preferred option is to pay a single $84 annual fee.

Ginger is a fantastic tool for English language learners. Using Ginger, you can convert written material from different languages into English and then utilize the rephrase tool to produce well-written and original text.

4. PaperRater

Grammarly Alternatives
PaperRater – Grammarly Alternative

PaperRater is a worthwhile option to Grammarly if you’re searching for one. With the aid of artificial intelligence, the free online proofreading application PaperRater can help you write better.

PaperRater will check your document for grammatical, spelling, and other potential problems, just like Grammarly does. Additionally, Paper Rater will offer you criticism on your vocabulary choice and writing style.

There is a free version of Paper Rater, and the premium version costs $95.40 annually (or $14.95 if you pay monthly).

If you’re a student or blogger seeking a free plagiarism checker, Paper Rater can be an excellent option. If not, Grammarly is probably a better choice.

5. WhiteSmoke

Grammarly Alternatives

If you’re seeking Grammarly alternatives, WhiteSmoke is a great choice. With this tool, you will get similar services as Grammarly, such as grammar and spelling checks as well as style recommendations.

It surpasses Grammarly, though, by providing translations in more than 50 different languages. Anyone who needs to communicate in several languages or who wants extra assistance with their grammar and spelling should use WhiteSmoke. WhiteSmoke is an extremely cost-effective annual purchase of $59.95 (just $5 per month! ), making it perfect for those who only need to utilize the tool on web browsers.

If you want to be able to use the tool on both browsers and products like Windows, MS Office, and Gmail, it costs $79.95.

If you require both a grammar checker and a translation tool, WhiteSmoke is excellent. It is also very helpful for authors for whom English is a second language because of its writing style. Otherwise, Grammarly is probably the best option for you!

6. Trinka

Grammarly Alternatives

One of the best Grammarly alternatives is Trinka. It’s a fantastic editing tool that may help you fix your spelling and punctuation issues. A lot of Trinka’s characteristics make it incredibly beneficial for authors.

For instance, it can assist you in identifying and fixing problems in your writing as well as in enhancing sentence structure and writing style. Trinka is quite user-friendly, so utilizing it to edit your writing won’t be a problem. Overall, Trinka is excellent for thorough grammatical checking and can improve your writing. Trinka offers a top-notch free plan.

The monthly cost for the Premium edition is $6.67 (if paid yearly).

For scholarly, technical, and professional writers, Trinka is best. Its publication checklist is highly helpful, and it offers a sizable lexicon of technical words. However, Grammarly is probably a better option if you require more of a broad grammar and spelling checker.

7. Wordtune

Grammarly Alternatives

Wordtune assists you in crafting a message that is more concise and clear and is delivered as you wish. You’ll get a number of rephrased ideas while you write normally that are based on the most cutting-edge AI. Use Wordtune to improve your language selections, spend less time correcting your writing, write more firmly, and sound more fluidly.

Its features include contextually appropriate sentence and synonym suggestions, simultaneous translation and rewriting capabilities, casual, formal, shorter, and longer sentence and paragraph rewriting, real-time spelling and grammar corrections, and a standalone text editor that is free for Chrome users.

The premium plans start from $9.99/ month. It integrates with Gmail, Google Docs, Word, Outlook, LinkedIn, and other tools.

8. Writer.com

Grammarly Alternatives

Writer’s free grammar checker is a straightforward AI helper that makes your text understandable, clear, and error-free. It thoroughly checks your writing for all faults, including ridiculous punctuation errors, subtle grammatical flaws, irregular verb conjugations, misspelled words, and more.

Writer goes above and beyond simple grammar checks to ensure that your text is free of both typical and uncommon English grammar mistakes. With Writer, you can quickly fix punctuation and grammar mistakes, and our one-click proofreading feature aids in developing a consistent tone and style for effective communication. It is a free Grammarly alternative and the paid plans start from $18 per user/ month.

9. StyleWriter

Grammarly Alternatives

An editing tool called StyleWriter is primarily designed for corporate, technical, and journalistic writers. By eliminating jargon and condensing terminology, it focuses on assisting you in writing in plain English.

StyleWriter incorporates tools used by professional editors, such as a graded word list, into its editing tool. StyleWriter is quite a few years behind the other checkers on our list in terms of both features and user interface.

It’s challenging to see what has to be done to advance. There are numerous other tools that use the same resources and produce reports with useful recommendations.

The basic version of StyleWriter costs $90, the standard version is $120, and the professional version is $190. After that, every year’s software upgrade will cost you $30. A fee is also charged for technical help. Integrations of this tool are with Windows desktop applications.

10. Sapling

Grammarly Alternatives

The target market for Sapling is employees that interact with clients in businesses. Its primary execution is the integration of customer service platforms like Freshdesk, Zendesk, LiveChat, and others to support customer service representatives in delivering error-free conversations.

Additionally, it provides a text expander tool for saving your own most-used phrases and responses, sentence auto-completion based on typical customer service responses, and more.

You can integrate extensions for Chrome and Firefox with this tool. For customer service teams who are looking for speedy proofreading and time-saving solutions made especially for that purpose, this Grammarly alternative works well.

A free version of the tool is available. In addition, a premium version is available for $25 per month.

11. Outwrite

Grammarly Alternatives

Outwrite is intended for writers of concise information. On their free plan, Outwrite provides a thesaurus, spelling and grammar checkers, and writing statistics (including readability and grade level). You can use a paraphrasing tool, style recommendations, and passive voice rephrasing when you upgrade to premium.

Outwrite doesn’t provide in-tool justifications for its suggestions, unlike some of the other checkers on this list, to assist you to understand why you’re making changes. Although it does not display all of Outwrite’s integrations, the free version also hides some suggestions.

The monthly or annual fee of Outwrite Pro is $19.95.

You can integrate this tool with all Web, browser extensions, MS Word, and Web apps. This Grammarly alternative has less functionality than other less expensive ones.

12. Languagetool

Grammarly Alternatives
LanguageTool – Grammarly Alternative

A great online editor if you’re seeking a Grammarly alternative is LanguageTool. It’s an online or offline, open-source, free grammar checker. This tool supports English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and more than 20 languages.

A few of the many capabilities offered by LanguageTool are support for personal dictionaries, style checking, and spell checking. Additionally, it gives users the option to design custom rules. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as a standalone desktop application, a Microsoft Word add-on, or a browser extension.

LanguageTool can be used for more than only spotting long phrases and spelling errors; it can also check for style. A free alternative to Grammarly is LanguageTool and the pricing starts from $1.12/ month.

LanguageTool is a great choice if you write in languages other than English! It is a dependable writing tool with grammar and spelling checks in numerous languages. Grammarly is perhaps a better option if you write in English most of the time.

13. Linguix

Grammarly Alternatives
Linguix – Grammarly Alternative

You may check for grammar errors in real time with the writing tool Linguix. The best grammar and punctuation analyzer on the market. It provides alerts and recommendations.

You can copy and paste your existing work into it, and it offers alternative words and phrases, corrects your spelling, gets rid of awkward phrase and sentence structures, and fixes errors.

Actual time Corrections to the grammar and spelling are done by this Grammarly alternative. It gives suggestions for missed punctuation errors, Improves your style, makes corrections, and offers writing guidance. It also offers a Google Chrome add-on, provides performance data, Context-sensitive suggestions, and integrations with Salesforce, ServiceNow, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Outlook, among others.

You can start for free. In paid, a starting price of Linguix is $5/month.

14. Scribens

Grammarly Alternatives
SCRIBENS – Grammarly Alternative

For all types of authors, there is an English grammar checker called Scribens (though it suits short-form writers best). It has a less sophisticated UI but delivers many of the same grammar, spelling, and style checks as the more sophisticated grammar checkers on our list. If you don’t mind dealing with a less user-friendly interface, Scribens might even provide a more thorough proofread than some of its fancier rivals.

However, you are only allowed 200,000 characters in the premium edition, and using the interface for lengthier papers becomes challenging. Costs for Scribens range from $9.90 per month to $49.90 per year. Integrations include Google Docs & Slides, Microsoft Office, Windows, Android, Open & LibreOffice, and Browsers. To sum up,  Couple of extra functions, yet very economical with extensive grammar checking ability.

15. Slick Write

Grammarly Alternatives
Slick Write – Grammarly Alternative

If you’re looking for a Grammarly alternative, Slick Write is a fantastic choice. You may check your grammar, spelling, and writing style with the help of the free online proofreading tool Slick Write. A helpful word counter is also included so you can keep tabs on your progress.

Slick Write doesn’t require you to create an account, in contrast to Grammarly. It’s available for use right away. There is a blog with plenty of advice if you still need it. Use of Slick Write is free! There isn’t a premium edition of it.

While all of these tools are excellent for evaluating English grammar and sentence structure, Grammarly’s paid edition triumphs because it identifies and fixes any incorrect sentences. While Slick Write is free, Grammarly Premium is a paid tool.

If you are exceptional at correcting grammatical and spelling errors and just need a tool to point out those sentences in your written text, Slick Write is a good free alternative.

16. Free Grammar Checker

Grammarly Alternatives
GrammarCheck – Grammarly Alternative

Free Grammar Checker is a simple writing tool. This free Grammarly alternative is a web-based solution that offers features to make your article writing more efficient and error-free. By typing directly into a dialogue box or pasting a written piece there, you can check your text. The web tool GrammarCheck is free to use. There is no fee required to use this tool.

Basic grammar and spelling checking is offered by this free Grammarly alternative, which is hosted online and accessible at all times. Display information about the capitalization, punctuation, and spelling requirements while still being simple to use by copying and pasting content.

17. Online Correction

Grammarly Alternatives
Online Text Correction – Grammarly Alternative

Spelling mistakes can be found and highlighted using the OnlineCorrection.com service. Many grammar and style-related errors are also highlighted by this Grammarly alternative that is free. With the use of this tool, proofreading any text is simple because it offers a minimalist design that is quick and simple to use. You are not required to pay any fees in order to utilize OnlineCorrection.com’s grammar checker.

Use this tool to check for spelling and grammar mistakes, hints for style, a stylistic check, and auto-correction. Similar to Grammarly, this free tool provides word and sentence-building suggestions. It also supports several English dialects.

18. Virtual Writing Tutor

Grammarly Alternatives
Virtual Writing Tutor – Grammarly Alternative

For those studying or learning English as a second language, Virtual Writing Tutor is a free grammar checker.

The tool compares your work against criteria and provides you with ratings for several categories as well as grammar suggestions. You can choose the length of your paragraphs and view your argument strength rating. VWT provides capabilities that the other checkers on this list do not, tools that are particular to academic writing.

Your feedback is generated by the software in a report that is independent from the editing screen. You’ll need to use a different writing tool to put their recommendations into practice.

It costs nothing to use Virtual Writing Tutor. If you create a free account, you can edit more words, and the pricing starts from $9.99/ month.

Virtual Writing Tutor is helpful to examine how your work statistically breaks down in accordance with rubrics, but you’ll need to utilize a different grammar checker to effectively edit your material.

19. Antidote 11

Grammarly Alternatives
Antidote – Grammarly Alternative

Antidote 11 is one of the numerous excellent Grammarly alternatives available ever created in both French and English. This tool offers a thorough analysis of your work, pointing out flaws and making style improvement recommendations. 

A thesaurus, dictionary, style manual, and other tools are among the several features that Antidote 11 offers. Perhaps most importantly, Antidote 11 is simple to use and interfaces with a number of well-known word processors and text editors.

A family license for Antidote 11 costs $99.99 per year or $59.99 for an individual license.

Due to the fact that it can be downloaded to your computer and operates even when you are offline, Antidote 11 is ideal for folks who value privacy and security. Additionally, it costs less than Grammarly and can assess your grammar in both French and English! If you don’t need those features, Grammarly is probably a better option.

20. Scribendi

Grammarly Alternatives
Scribendi – Grammarly Alternative

You can be confident that your papers or writings are in good hands with Scribendi because it offers services to students, professionals, and big businesses.

Students can receive proofreading services, which can aid in book editing and essay editing services. Additionally offers editing and proofreading services for both personal and business documents. It proposes editing and proofreading manuals and brochures.

Pay varies depending on the word. Normally, they charge between $0.01 and $0.06 per word. Services that cater to the audience are offered. However, there is a tight timeline, and the editing’s quality and correctness are both questionable.

FAQs related to Grammarly Alternatives

  • What are some alternatives to Grammarly?

    Some alternatives to Grammarly include Hemingway, ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, and LanguageTool.

  • How does Hemingway compare to Grammarly in terms of features and accuracy?

    Hemingway is a simpler, more minimalistic tool that focuses on readability and conciseness. It does not have as many advanced grammar and style checking features as Grammarly, but it can be useful for writers looking for a more streamlined tool.

  • Does ProWritingAid offer a free version?

    ProWritingAid does offer a free version, however it has limited features compared to the paid version.

  • Is WhiteSmoke a good alternative to Grammarly?

    WhiteSmoke is a good alternative to Grammarly. It offers similar features such as grammar and style checking, as well as a plagiarism checker. However, it is not as widely used or as well-known as Grammarly.

  • Is LanguageTool a good alternative to Grammarly for non-native English speakers?

    LanguageTool is a good alternative to Grammarly for non-native English speakers, as it is designed to help identify and correct grammar and style errors in a variety of languages, including English. It also has a free version.


It can be difficult to choose the editing software that best meets your needs with so many Grammarly alternatives available. It doesn’t have to be a guessing game, thankfully. You can choose a writing instrument with greater confidence if you are aware of the variations between your selections and what your individual requirements are. Choose accordingly!

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