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Copyright Free Stock Videos Websites

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Today, videos are a very popular form of content. From blog posts to tutorials, the right video can make a lot of difference in your audience’s perception. But, producing videos on your own can be very expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of free stock video websites where you can find footage for your project in a variety of styles and genres with no copyright restrictions. 

However, if you’re unable to find the perfect stock video for your needs, it doesn’t mean you’ve got no other option. In this article, I’ll be sharing 10 copyright free stock video websites that you could use for your next project!

What is a stock video?

A stock video is a video that you can use for your content to create your own video. This is usually done for advertising or educational purposes. You may also be able to find stock videos on YouTube and other websites, but these often require attribution and will be watermarked.

10 Copyright Free Stock Videos Websites to Make Effective Video:


free stock videos
Free stock videos Website

Pixabay has a great collection of HD stock videos you can use in your blog posts according to how much time you want to commit. It offers thousands of high-quality, Creative Commons images and videos that can be licensed for free and ingested immediately. 

The content library houses everything from short clips, to long clips. Users also don’t need permission or give credit to the artist for using or modifying the content, however it’s still best practice to always credit the owner.

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copyright free videos
Copyright free videos

Envato is an Australian company that provides professional video footage, sound effects, and music to customers all over the world with no attribution required under the mixkit brand banner for free. You can upload these downloaded videos clips to your Mixkit online storage account to use in your own productions for free. The best part of this website is, you don’t need to create an account or signup here.


copyright free videos
Copyright free videos website

Various license options offered by Videvo give you the creative freedom to find exactly what you’re looking for. Just keep in mind that certain clips may not be appropriate for specific content types. For a full breakdown of licenses, read below:

  • Videvo Attribution License requires credit to the original author.
  • You are able to use all Creative Commons 3.0 content of Videvo for free, with credit, and remix it
  • Public Domain licenses are free to anyone who wants them.


copyright free videos for youtube
Copyright free videos for YouTube

Videezy is a great resource for royalty-free video clips with quality on par with or surpassing that of footage available elsewhere. The site has many sources of high-quality, HD and 4K resolution videos to choose from. Pro tags signify premium clips that are only accessible by purchasing credits on the site.


free stock videos
Free stock videos website

Pexels offers a large library of not only photo resources but also includes free HD and 4K stock videos. Their license allows the pictures and videos to be used for free, although if you want to attribute credit to the videographer, that’s appreciated. Each week, they feature the most requested videos on their Trending Videos tab.


free stock videos
Free stock videos website

Launched by entrepreneurs and filmmakers with a need for HD video, Coverr is here to provide the same service for up-and-coming brands. Coverr has already released thousands of free videos in HD that have been downloaded more than five million times. Simply sign in with no permission needed, download your free HD video footage in MP4 format in minutes, or modify it in your next project.


free stock videos
Free stock videos website

Combining a variety of videos ranging from 2010 up to the present, They have a large library of old and new videos every few weeks, making it a great resource for video content. Download and use any video without paying royalties, but you do need to provide attribution.


free stock videos
Free stock videos website

Mazwai is a resource for free content featuring Creative Commons 3.0 and Mazwai License material. Both licenses offer an option to use the videos for any personal or commercial use, as long as a copy of the license is displayed with the video.

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free stock videos
Free stock videos website

Dareful is an online library of 4K royalty-free stock video clips. Formerly known as Stock Footage for Free, it provides 100% legal footage which can be shared and adapted with Creative Commons 4.0. These are all shot by the videographer Joel Holland, who doesn’t seem to mind people downloading them because he gives them away for free.


free stock videos
Copyright free videos websites

Although canva is not a completely stock video footage website, it offers anyone to create free, high-quality videos for digital media. They have templates, free stock videos to the user’s specifications, animated graphics, music tracks, all of which are necessary to upload stunning youtube videos. 


With their large selection of templates, stock videos planned with your needs in mind, you can make any design in minutes. Their size doesn’t limit video quality even when videos start taking minutes to make.


The videos that we have looked at in this article should serve as a good starting point for anyone looking to add a video to their content strategy. There is no one video type that will work for every company and what you ultimately need is to think about your goals and objectives and then find the type of video that will help you achieve them.

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  • How can I get free videos without copyright?

    10 Copyright Free Stock Videos Websites


  • Can I use royalty free video on YouTube?

    You may be able to use royalty-free video on YouTube, however, there are many restrictions to this so be sure to do your research. Many online websites claiming that the videos are free to license for all uses may not have been uploaded by the copyright owner, it can be quite difficult to determine if copyright infringement has taken place. Read Best Answer!!!

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