How to Select the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform for Your Business?

Select the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform

B2B platforms are online marketplaces that can help your business grow. They are a good way to reach out to your target demographic and help you reach your audience. This blog aims to help you select the right platforms for your business.

Though there are many aspects to consider when it comes to choosing the best b2b platform, you can use these tips to ensure that your choice is ideal. A website for your small business is a great way to market your company and gain clients.

How to Select the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform for Your Business
How to Select the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

This article will discuss how to choose the most suitable b2b platform for your specific needs. We hope you will take this advice seriously and with an open mind because identifying the right B2B platform can be quite difficult but with a bit of direction, anyone can find the answer they’ve been searching for. To select the best b2b platform, you must consider the following features. These are the must-have features of a b2b site that should be used by your business. 

B2b ecommerce platform examples
Ease to use
Responsive design 
Payment options  
Order notes
Product catalogue management
Functionality for self-service
Feasible integrations
Products & Services
How to Select the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform

Ease to use:

B2b transactions offer advanced features which can be complex. It is an essential feature because there are large orders, longer buying cycles. But it can be tricky which is why the customers might shift to the conventional way of ordering. The platform should offer easy to use function so that the customers don’t feel difficult in using it and the n looking to find something new. 

Responsive design:

How to Select the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform for Your Business
How to Select the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

The most important thing that makes the experience easy and design should be responsive. There are different devices used to access the website. A buyer may use a smartphone or a tablet for buying. The b2b platform should provide access from all the devices. The design should be attractive and the site should be easy to navigate. The product description and prices and images should be clear and easy to search. Camera access should be given to scanning the barcodes. 

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Payment options:

There is a big difference between b2b and b2c purchases. B2C customers purchase items in small quantities but b2b clients make purchases in bulk. And they buy more frequently. The payment option provided by the b2b platform should cater to the needs of the client with flexibility. It should offer partial payments. Payment is the most essential feature of a platform.

Order notes:

The b2b platform and best b2b ecommerce websites must offer order notes to keep the records. This helps in making the process more customized for the client. This helps in gaining additional information from the client. The sales representative should be able to answer all the questions of the clients. These questions could include anything about a product, guidance of shipping, or any other thing related to the order that comes to the mind of the client.

Product catalogue management:

How to Select the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform for Your Business
How to Select the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

The management of product information is the most prominent and important feature of a B2b eCommerce website. Sometimes suppliers send catalogues to manage the product information. The b2b site should manage it effectively.

When a b2b buyer comes to the website, they don’t usually like to target to speak to anyone. The website should make them self-sufficient to solve any issue. Therefore, the b2b platform must provide every detail about shipping, order tracking, and approval. 

Feasible integrations:

Integration is the most important part of any eCommerce business. The platform should offer integration between the systems. This saves the business from getting the services from a third party. It can also be time-consuming. The b2b platform should have synced systems. Should allow copying previous orders

B2B clients tend to make repeated orders as compared to B2C clients. Therefore, the B2B platform should allow copying past orders. For this, the site should allow viewing the past order. The process of making the same order from scratch can be time-consuming which can frustrate the client. This is why an option for viewing and re-ordering the past order from history should be available. 


Online scams and breaches are a real thing and happening at a fast pace. This makes many businesses vulnerable to any kind of attack by cyber scammers. This is why it is important to consider security while choosing the best b2b platform for your business. The b2b platform must support PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards along with HTTPS to provide a secure entity to the clients.

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Products & Services:

The b2b platform is used by other businesses or retailers to get the best product and service. That’s why it should be meet the customers’ expectations in order to generate recurring orders and build long term business relations.


The b2b market has become popular and is worth a sit drove $12.2 trillion sales in the year 2019. Many businesses want to take advantage of the b2b eCommerce platforms to boost their business. It provides them with an amazing opportunity to generate more sales and revenue and increase brand awareness at the same time. All the above mentioned features must be considered by any business that is interested in choosing a b2b platform for featuring their business. 

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How to Select the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform

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