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Project Management Tools

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Did you know that a fully optimised project manager could increase company profits by 34.2%? What would be the work of a project manager such that they contribute to so much of the profit increment of a company? 

To understand all this, let’s recall what a project manager does throughout their work time. The project manager starts developing projects that align with the organisation’s goal of vision. Project Management is an emerging field such that everyone should know basic insights about it. By the way,

On reading this article, you will be able to

  • Know the importance and purpose of project management tools
  • Know the work responsibilities of a project manager 
  • Know the best project management tools across the web

The lifestyle of a project manager is quite complex apart from other managers. The reason why we state this is because they struggle to propagate the value of a non-emotional creature with emotions and sensations. Starting right from its development, project management requires deep logical and lateral thinking that could eventually lead to the production of a unique project. 

Importance of project management tools

Project management tools provide great advantages to their users by providing in-depth information about the project given. Furthermore, it also drives the potential of opinions of the users through the integration of feedback systems.

The best project management tools help one to manage tasks related to the foremost factor which small entrepreneurs expect a lot in any of the tools they use. Video call features and many optional features like virtual whiteboards for demonstration, and wireframing are also offered by project management tools. 

In addition to the above, a seamless user interface experience should be provided along with an initial learning curve. Project testing has multiple phases involved in it and the best project management tool would never compromise in this assertion.

The upcoming points deeply illustrate the purpose and benefits of a great project management tool for entrepreneurs.

  • Improves sales experience
  • Deteriorates bounce rates
  • Great task management tool 
  • Optimises time-related factors 
  • Boots customer experience and review
  • Increments project strategies
  • Manages complex projects accordingly 
  • Effective collaboration 
  • Effective feedback retrieval and collection 
  • Sequential steps toward a great project plan
  • In-depth analysis and statistics 
  • Adjustments to the branding system accordingly to the modifications in any project
  • Corrections or rectifications in the project could be done seamlessly
  • Some even entertain integrations with other software to hit customers with additional advantages

Best 10 Project Management Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2022

1. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Zoho project management tool is software that helps you manage your projects, track work efficiently, and collaborate with your team. With Zoho, you can plan for your projects, follow your tasks closely, collaborate with your team, and work till the finish of any projects. Zoho project management software includes features such as project roadmap, project backlog, project kanban, and project portfolio. It also has a built-in chat system that allows team members to communicate with each other. The tool is designed to help businesses streamline their project development process and make it more efficient.


  • Gantt Charts
  • Screen optimization
  • Colourful themes
  • Easy import and exportation
  • Multiple templates
  • Custom fields


  • Starts free with in-app purchases
  • Paid plan starts from a price range of $4.40 per month

2. Monday.com


Monday.com is a project management tool that helps you to stay organized and on the correct path. With this tool, teams can create project plans, track progress, and communicate with each other in one central place. It also offers a variety of features that make project management easier, such as task dependencies, Gantt charts, and millions of people around the world use kanban boards. If you’re looking for a project management tool that can take your team’s productivity to the next level, Monday.com is an excellent choice.


  • Roadmap Planning
  • Features backlog
  • Scrum software management
  • Retrospective
  • Bug tracking
  • Release plan


  • Starts free with in-app purchases starting from $9 per month.

3. Walling


Walling is a visual project management tool that brings clarity to your ideas, activities, and projects. With your ideas, notes, and tasks visually organised side by side, Walling empowers you to step back and see how everything fits together to get your job done.


  • Instant search
  • Due dates and reminders
  • Visual task management
  • Real-time chat
  • Daily desk
  • Export a wall


  • Starts free with in-app purchases, with a starting range of $5 per month.

4. Airfocus


Project management is made easy with a flexible platform that helps you manage strategy, understand user needs, prioritise, and align your teams around clear roadmaps. Start simple with ready-to-use templates and extend air focus as you grow and scale. Connect the tools you love to save time and keep everyone in sync. Jira, Trello, Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse), Azure DevOps, Asana, Zapier. 


  • Extensive help documentation
  • Road maps
  • Branded portals
  • Feedbacks and insights 
  • Cloud-based security systems


  • Starts at a range of $15 per month

5. Shortcut


Shortcut tool helps you to plan and develop into a single experience with tightly integrated Docs, Issue Tracking, and Sprint Planning features. You can use their pre-made cycle and lead time reports, burndown charts, and other reports to monitor how efficiently your organization is working.


  • Iterations spring
  • Reporting
  • Milestone
  • Road map
  • API 


  • Starts free with in-app purchases ranging from $8.50 per month

6. ProductPlan


ProductPlan is a project management tool that helps small businesses plan and manage their project development and marketing efforts. It provides a complete, web-based solution for managing all aspects of project development, including creating project ideas, building prototypes and mockups. It also includes a comprehensive set of features that lets users track their progress and measure success, while giving them the tools they need to communicate with customers and suppliers at every stage of the lifecycle. These features include real-time collaboration between team members and the ability to create both simple and complex dashboards for viewing all types of critical data in one place.


  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Rest API access
  • Private links
  • Road map features
  • custom layouts 
  • Unlimited viewers


  • Starts free with in-app offers starting at a price of $39 per month

7. Prodpad


Prodpad is an online tool that helps project managers organize and schedule their work. As a professional project manager, you are likely responsible for multiple projects with many different sets of stakeholders. Because of this, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different tasks that need to be completed. Prodpad allows you to organize these tasks into individual projects, create a project roadmap, lean timeline to manage OKRs, and track their progress as you go.

It also allows you to create milestones, assign tasks, and track your time spent on each task. This makes it easy for you to stay organized and track the progress of each project as you go. This AI-based tool provides “impact vs. effort” chart, and feedback management function to determine which decisions are most important.


  • Project portfolio
  • integrations 
  • Project specs
  • User persona
  • Feedback management
  • AI assistance 
  • Backlog workflow


  • Inclusive of in-app purchases

8. Clickup


ClickUp offers an all-in-one project management platform to map your project vision, align your team, and sprint to market. Share your project vision in any of ClickUp’s 10+ customizable views and make sure everyone is on the same page. Use ClickUp’s sprint automation to maximize the talent of your engineering team. Use real-time reporting and GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket integration to track performance. With ClickUp, you can keep track of and manage your bug backlog. You can record test plans and test cases with ClickUp Docs and coordinate with your team on fixes.


  • Build project roadmaps
  • Brainstorm features with beautiful Mind Maps
  • Schedule builds on a Timeline or Gantt Chart
  • Map out details and attributes on a List or Table view
  • Assign ownership


  • Starts free with in-app purchases starting at $5 per month

9. Asana


Using Asana, project managers can track their team’s progress and get results. As a source of truth, Asana can assist you with setting goals, establishing priorities, and tracking project milestones. Using Asana, you can give your employees information about sprint schedules, milestones, and launch dates to keep them focused. You can work with teams across your company to release new features without difficulty.


  • Project roadmap
  • Project launches
  • Bug  tracking
  • Sprint planning
  • Work request
  • Connect user feedback


  • Starts free with in-app purchases ranging from $ 10.99 per month

10. Hive


Hive is a robust proofing and annotation tool that can make simple workflows from complex approvals. You can use hive to reduce your work effort by using premade project and action templates for repeatable steps. With hive, you can track how your team is doing with timesheets and tracking.


  • Gantt View
  • Kanban view
  • Table view
  • Portfolio management
  • Calendar view
  • Project templates
  • team resourcing
  • Timeline and timesheets


  • Starts free with in-app purchases ranging from $12 per month 

The Bottomline

The role of project management is increasingly demanding for its valuable job responsibilities. The future of business might encounter great loss without the presence of a project manager. The absence of a project management tool is a great mishap for any business organisations. 

The best project management tool optimises artificial intelligence potential to produce tremendous wealth to employees as well as for employers to rejoice for a salary hike. This article has expanded the utilisation of project management tools, fixing unique data and information that could be hard to find across the web.

Choosing wise project management tools is essential. It cannot be randomly picked out but through consistent research. Do research about any top project management tools that might not be listed in this article. 

Be wise to set specific criteria and use them accordingly. 

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